Today’s Headlines

  • Sup. Wiener May Introduce VLF Measure Today; Mayor Lee Still Not Supportive (SF Exam, SFBG)
  • Driver Hits Two Peds, Muni Bus in Tenderloin, Flees on Foot; Arrested at Hayward Home (SFGateCBS)
  • Bicycle Safety Instructor Bert Hill Hit From Behind by Apparently Distracted Driver (KTVU)
  • Man to Get Settlement With City After Being Hit on Bike by Street Sweeper in SoMa (SF Examiner)
  • Bike Theft Victim Creates Map of SF Bike Thefts (SF Examiner, CityLab)
  • Two-Way Conversion of East End of Haight Street to Begin; Muni Re-Routes Coming (Hoodline)
  • How Developers Get Around Paying Impact Fees That Fund Muni (48 Hills)
  • Private Parking Spots Can Cost $100K+ (SFGate); Another App to Exploit Free Street Parking (ML)
  • Oakland Mayor Quan Insists She Wasn’t On Phone (Oak Trib); Has Got Red Light Ticket Before (SFGate)
  • Oakland Police Officer Hits Pedestrian With Police SUV at International and 84th Ave (SFGate, ABC)
  • San Carlos to Expand Sensor Program to Monitor Parking Time Limits, Guide Drivers to Spots (SM Daily)
  • Cyclelicious: BART to Santa Clara Proposal Came From a Different Time in Transit Planning

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  • 94103er

    Thoughts about Bert Hill’s ordeal:

    1) It is truly beyond inexcusable at this point that the arterials running though/near Glen Park haven’t seen much by way of safety upgrades. The Muni platform is a horrifying joke, Bosworth is a total traffic sewer, and don’t get me started on the lack of noise mitigation from 280/Bernal Cut or the lack of pedestrian safety much less esthetics at the onramps & offramps. We’re seeing plain as day that we’re not going to keep real estate prices down by letting these neighborhoods stay noisy and ugly, so can we finally shut up and do something about these issues?

    2) Simply put, vehicular cyclists: Go pound sand. While it’s true that Bert Hill might be one some of the time, and that I personally wouldn’t merge left to turn left (always, always Copenhagen turn), he would agree that real, safe cycling infrastructure would still benefit you guys by slowing everyone down. Why can’t anyone understand that free, fast-flowing traffic encourages your mind to wander?

  • murphstahoe

    Not sure what Bert was doing, but headed “up” on Bosworth you get to O’Shaugnessy and a right turn pocket onto Elk appears. Going that way, it’s not a left turn, it’s simply going straight but you need to leave the shoulder to cross the right turn pocket in order to go straight.

    Not sure how they would approach that in Copenhagen. Hug the curb all the way to the intersection, then cross in the crosswalk?

  • Chris J.

    In the hit-from-behind news story, I can’t stand the attitude of the older woman at 0:45, “Oh, it’s terrible in the city — yeah, with the bikes — unless there’s a lane.”

    She’s clearly speaking as a driver, and she’s acting as if bicyclists are terrorizing people. There’s also an implication that bikes shouldn’t be on the road unless there’s a bicycle lane.

  • NoeValleyJim

    It is cute that Bert thinks it likely that the driver who ran him over might face criminal charges. Given our DA, a medal is more likely.

  • 94103er

    Oh man, Y intersections–definitely bad for all vulnerable users. I’m no expert but I wouldn’t think this kind of situation would exist in Copenhagen and similar places at all unless it’s designed so that there’s a dedicated, separated path going the whole way. In which case, yeah, I think the path would veer off to the right and then cross the Y-segment and Elk and then keep going up Bosworth. (It would have signal priority, too.)

    This intersection sucks. I also recall that they never bothered installing a turn arrow there for eastbound-turning-to-northbound traffic at that light–you’re hanging there for a minute before you realize oncoming traffic has a red so you can turn onto Elk. The whole thing’s a perfect example of how the city fails to stay current with traffic engineering to reflect today’s level of use.