Board of Supervisors Meeting

Agenda [PDF]

Of note:

8. 140509 [General Obligation Bond Election – Transportation and Road Improvement – $500,000,000]
Sponsors: Mayor; Tang, Chiu, Wiener, Avalos, Kim, Breed, Farrell, Mar, Yee, Cohen and Campos

Ordinance calling and providing for a special election to be held in the City and County of San Francisco on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, for the purpose of submitting to San Francisco voters a proposition to incur the following bonded debt of the City and County: $500,000,000 to finance the construction, acquisition, and improvement of certain transportation and transit related improvements, and related costs necessary or convenient for the foregoing purposes; authorizing landlords to pass-through 50% of the resulting property tax increase to residential tenants under Administrative Code, Chapter 37; providing for the levy and collection of taxes to pay both principal and interest on such bonds; incorporating the provisions of Administrative Code, Sections 5.30-5.36; setting certain procedures and requirements for the election; finding that a portion of the
proposed bond is not a project under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and adopting findings under CEQA, CEQA Guidelines, and Administrative Code, Chapter 31, for the remaining portion of the bond; and finding that the proposed bond is in conformity with the eight priority policies of Planning Code, Section 101.1(b), and with the General Plan consistency requirement of Charter, Section 4.105, and Administrative Code, Section 2A.53.

56. 140556 [Charter Amendment – Population-Based Adjustment to General Fund Appropriation to the Transportation Fund]
Sponsor: Wiener

Charter Amendment (Second Draft) to amend the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco to adjust the required annual appropriation from the General Fund to the Transportation Fund annually to reflect increases in the population of San Francisco,
subject to discontinuation by the Mayor if the voters enact a new general tax on vehicles registered to a San Francisco address, at an election to be held on November 4, 2014; and making environmental findings.


SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Schedule and agenda Of note: 1. 110434 [Public Works Code – Waiver of Certain Temporary Street Space Occupancy Fees] Sponsor: Avalos Ordinance waiving San Francisco Public Works Code Section 724.1(b), which imposes temporary street space occupancy fees, on Saturday, May 7, 2011, and Saturday, May 21, 2011, for certain streets in San Francisco, as part of Small Business Week […]

SF Board of Supervisors Meeting

Schedule and agenda Of note: 7. 110404 [Public Hearing – Redevelopment Right-of-Way Improvements – Arelious Walker Drive Stairway] Sponsor: Cohen Hearing of persons interested in or objecting to proposed Resolution making certain findings pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 33445 and consenting to the Redevelopment Agency of the City and County of San Francisco’s use of tax […]

Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting

From SF Planning Dept.: The Eastern Neighborhoods Area Plans (EN) and accompanying Code Amendments established the Eastern Neighborhoods Citizen’s Advisory Committee (EN CAC). The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is the central community advisory body charged with providing input to City agencies and decision makers with regard to all activities related to implementation of the Eastern […]