Today’s Headlines

  • Chron Columnist Jon Carroll: Cyclists “Break Laws All the Time,” “Don’t Let a Pedestrian Ruin Your Life”
  • More on the Plans for an Embarcadero Protected Bikeway (KQEDSFGateCBS)
  • Muni to Test More Train Cars With Seats Removed to Make More Standing Room (SFBay)
  • Lacking Fare Inspectors, Muni Fare Evasion Apparently Still Rampant With All-Door Boarding (KTVU)
  • More on the Red Paint Coming to Market’s Transit-Only Lanes This Weekend (SF Examiner)
  • SF to Offer $15M Settlement to Family of Woman Run Over, Killed by Parks Driver (CBS, Bernalwood)
  • SFPD Bait Bike Cops Catch Violent Repeat Thief (Mission Local), Get More National Coverage From ABC
  • Planning Dept Gets Grant to Finish Study of Caltrain Railyard Development, 280 Teardown (Biz Times)
  • San Bruno Ballot Measure Would Upzone Development Around Caltrain Station (SM Daily)
  • BART Board Votes to Limit “Lifelong Free Rides” Perk to Board Members Who Serve Eight Years (Merc)
  • Another $3M to Be Thrown at Bay Bridge East Span to Fix Continuing Problems (CBS)
  • KQED Forum to Discuss Motorcycle Lane Splitting After CHP Removes Guidelines From Website

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  • EastBayer

    That Chron piece is precious…

  • coolbabybookworm

    A cute piece on a local kid who wished to ride BART through Make-a-wish Foundation:

  • Mario Tanev

    Muni’s fare inspection rate is significantly below the industry standards. But having said that, all evidence shows that after taking into account the lifeline pass holders and people who transferred but forgot to tag, the evasion rate is low enough, that it’s not worth making a big fuss out of it. KTVU’s analysis specifically didn’t take that into account.

    No mater how hard Muni may try, they won’t be able to recover as much money as they lost by giving away Sunday parking.

  • • The Velasquez ruling is a non-story (lawyer makes a bogus argument that gets shot down), but that won’t stop the Chron from milking it, first with a specious story that made sure the mention the unrelated Bucchere tragedy, now with rambling musings from their laid-back columnist guy. Chron coverage is reliably bereft of actual information about bike matters, but plenty of inflammatory nonsense.

    Jon Carroll tends away from the inflammatory, but we still have the lies of omission here: “everyone knows that bicyclists break traffic laws all the time,” but let’s not ever mention the most deadly behavior of all, speeding, which motorists do all the time.