Today’s Headlines

  • Driver, Bicyclist Collide at 11th and Harrison Streets (SF Appeal)
  • Northbound Hwy 280 in SF to Be Closed Over Labor Day Weekend Starting Thursday for Fixes (SFGate)
  • SFMTA Hearing on Muni TEP Changes at Haight and Clayton Next Friday (Hoodline)
  • Sidewalk Corner at Franklin and Turk Re-Built for Third Time Recently to Install Bulb-Out (SF Weekly)
  • You’ve Gotta Wonder How This Driver Hit a Parked Car and Flipped Her Car on Its Side (Richmond SF)
  • Aaron Peskin Appeals Treasure Island Re-Development EIR, Citing Transportation Limits (SFBG)
  • Uber, Lyft Drivers Frustrated by Company Feud (CBS, SF Weekly)
  • BART Tracks Damaged by Train Wheel Near Walnut Creek, Stopping Trains (CBSSFGate)
  • BART Board to Vote on Limits to Lifetime Free Rides for Board Members (CoCo Times)
  • Increased Bike Capacity Doesn’t Seem to Be a High Priority for Caltrain’s Electric Fleet (Cyclelicious)
  • SFGate‘s “Aggravating” Driving Habits Include Failing to Speed in the Far-Left Freeway Lane
  • In LA, Even Hikers Who Drive to Trails Abuse CA’s Disabled Parking Placard Privileges (NBC)

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  • 42apples

    I think there is a legitimate case people are making about the left lane being a passing lane. What bothers me is that there was exactly one comment regarding drivers speeding through *city* streets, which is actually very dangerous (to safe drivers, pedestrians, and bikes) rather than mostly an annoyance. Also, I highly doubt that many people fail to turn right on red when it is actually clearly safe (how would you know if you can’t see?). Also, I think the “tortoise-to-hare” slowpoke is completely backwards: I find it super dumb/annoying that so many drivers gun it when they are clearly coming up to a red light. Waste of gas, waste of brake pads, and can cause congestion once everyone else follows. If people were patient and slowed down, then there wouldn’t be such a queue waiting for the person ahead of them to move when the light turned green.

  • NoeValleyJim

    Aaron Peskin really is a piece of work. Is there any development anywhere that he doesn’t oppose?