Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Starts Ticketing Drivers Blocking the Box in SoMa, But It’s Just a “Pilot” (SFBay)
  • People Behaving Badly: SFPD Cracks Down on the “Fulton 500 Speedway” in the Richmond
  • Chinatown Central Subway Station to Bring Much-Needed Open Space on Top (SF Examiner)
  • BART Board Member Mallett: Second Transbay Tube Should Run Down Market Street (SFGate)
  • Chronicle Spotlights Veteran Mayoral Chief of Staff Steve Kawa, “The Enforcer” (See: Sunday Meters)
  • SFBG: City Hall Needs to “Get to Work” on Vision Zero, Geary BRT, Development on the Westside
  • Bulb-Outs Aren’t Slowing SFFD’s Response Times — There’s an Ambulance Shortage (SFGate)
  • SF Weekly Bike Columnist: SF Climbed a Spot in Bicycling Magazine’s Ranking, But It’s “Nonsense”
  • 24th Street BART Escalator to Be Out of Service for 150 Days (Mission Local)
  • Historic Geneva Streetcar Barn Could Become Arts and Culture Center, if Funded (SFGate)
  • Some GG Bridge Toll Booths Removed (SFGate); Deer Stroll Down Lanes to Marin (KTVU, CBS)
  • Stolen Car Driver Hits AC Transit Bus, Sending it Into Richmond Home (NBC, ABC)

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  • Mario Tanev
  • Jeffrey Baker

    Re: box-blocking of SoMA bridge approaches, they really need to coordinate with the signal operation at 1st and Harrison. This signal is often manually operated by a SFMTA operative, in the most perplexing way. The worst I’ve seen was the operator left the green on for 1st street for 11 minutes in a row (breaking the record of my previous observation of 7 minutes). Naturally this causes an epic cock-up all the way down Harrison, down Spear all the way to Howard and beyond, and on Embarcadero both ways waiting to turn on to Harrison. I can’t imagine why anyone would do this thing. Mostly it seems to me that the person operating the signal gets distracted reading Sports Illustrated or talking on the phone and simply fails to change it. They should figure out why the automatic operation of that signal is unsatisfactory and just fix that, instead of letting some slack-jawed dude ruin everything at rush hour.

  • gary

    Stanley Roberts, speeding on Fulton. Good job SFPD, please keep it up and write each of those jerks a big $$ ticket, don’t buy any of their lies why they were speeding. Remember, it’ll save lives.