Today’s Headlines

  • Mayor Lee Rides Muni (SFGate)
  • SFBG: Mayor Lee Has Pitted Affordable Housing, Transportation Advocates Against Each Other
  • Sup. Eric Mar Wants Bike Access on Muni Light Rail, More Bike Racks on Buses (SFBG)
  • Sunset Tunnel Muni Upgrades Postponed Until November Due to Discovered Pipe Damage (Hoodline)
  • Sup. Breed: SFFD’s Neglect to Address Shortages is Delaying Emergency Response Times (SFGate)
  • Comstock Saloon Owners Want Protection From Errant Drivers at Columbus and Kearny (KTVU)
  • Bold Italic and Stanley Roberts Explain the New 3-Ft Bike Passing Law; Mission Local Explains Bike Laws
  • More on Taxis’ “Decimation” at the Hand of “Ride-Share” Apps (SFGate); Sidecar Raises $15M (Biz Times)
  • Golden Gate Bridge District Machinist Union Strike Doesn’t Affect Commutes (ABCSFBG)
  • Former Sup. Olague Urges BART Labor Talk Reform (SFBG); CityLab Spotlights BART’s Next Trains
  • Caltrain Seeks Developer to Turn 2.7-Acre Parking Lot Into Housing at Hayward Park (Daily Journal)
  • DMV Mandates Permits for Self-Driving Cars on California Streets, Issues 29 of Them (KTVU, SFGate)

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  • Love the understatement of the first link…

  • I’ll be more impressed if Mayor Lee takes the Geary 38 during rush hour carrying a bag of groceries and a small child

  • Poor kid.

  • Mario Tanev

    It’s amazing that that is news. The exception proves the rule. And the rule is that Lee never rides Muni.

  • Nicasio Nakamine

    Mayor Lee should commit to riding Muni once a week. There is nothing like experiencing the frustrations of Muni first-hand.

  • Sean Hughes

    Mayor Lee Has Pitted Affordable Housing, Transportation Advocates Against Each Other
    In this article, the writer claims, “San Francisco needs more affordable housing”

    But if all we do is build affordable housing (lower class) and luxury condos (upper class), then there will be no housing for the middle class. The efforts to build more affordable housing are just creating a bigger divide between the rich and the poor.

    ie. Affordable housing does not mean affordable housing for the average person. It means you pretty much have to be making minimum wage or less.