Today’s Headlines

  • Woman, 67, Killed by Tour Bus Driver in Crosswalk at City Hall Where She Worked (SFGate, ExamCBS)
  • One Block From the Crash, a Groundbreaking Ceremony Was Held for Ped Safety Upgrades (Hoodline)
  • Two Incidents of Reckless Curb-Jumping Driving Involve Violent Car Thief, Drunk Driver (Hoodline)
  • SF Apartment Association Campaigns Against Prop A Transpo Bond Out of Spite for Mayor Lee (SFGate)
  • Civic Center Parking Reserved for Twitter Conference Went Mostly Unused, Gripes Chronicle Columnist
  • Mayor Lee Says Ambulance Response Times are Improving, Refuses to Dismiss SFFD Chief (SF Appeal)
  • Cargo Bikes Could Be Crucial for Delivering Supplies in a Disaster, as SF Trial Race Shows (CityLab)
  • Tired of Driving Around Looking for a Parking Spot for Your Car? Pay Someone to Do it for You (SFGate)
  • Tired of Shuttling Your Kids Around in a Car? Pay Someone to Do it for You (Re/code)
  • Driver, 56, Crashes Into Restaurant in Dublin, Injuring Six People (CBS)
  • San Mateo Supervisors Approve Preliminary Design for Road Diet on Middlefield Road (Almanac)
  • Previously-Closed Bike Path to Levi’s Stadium to Be Open for Upcoming Game (Cyclelicious)

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  • If the SFMTA truly needed Prop A funding it wouldn’t have cut millions of dollars from the budget for free parking.

    The SFMTA and Mayor Lee demonstrated just a few months ago where they budget priorities sit by making parking free in the very same budget that raised Muni fares. It wasn’t very long ago that Mayor Newsom used the money from another Muni funding measure to balance the SFPD budget.

    And where is the VLF increase measure that free parking was supposed to get buy in for? I’ll vote for that measure.

  • helloandyhihi

    San Francisco’s politics is a meat grinder. This election you can choose to accept compromise and to move public transit in the right direction by voting for A and B. Or not. I’m voting for both measures. Perfect is enemy of the good.

  • 94110

    I’m with Jamison on this. Every Sunday I look out my window and see every metered space full, and 18 (usually exactly 18) cars parked in the middle of the street.

    Step 1) Sunday metering

    Step 2) Write a bonds prop that actually guarantees the money to the SFMTA:

    San Franciscans voting to pass bad laws is the enemy of the good. If we want to get anywhere, we need to torpedo Proposition A.

  • In order for the perfect to be the enemy of the good, there’d have to be good. Where Prop B is very specific about where the money is spent (75% to Muni projects spelled out in the TEP) this is more ambiguous.

    The campaign literatures states $358 million was to go to transit, but if the mayor is true to his word in this story, he’s already redirecting $108 out of transit into street safety to go from the stated $148 up to $250. That’s not the worst place to be spending money, but there’s really no reason to think the Mayor won’t take all of it for something else.

    That last time we approved a Muni funding measure (Prop A 2007) mayor Newsom used the funding to instead balance the SFPD budget.

    During this election the Mayor and SFMTA supposedly made parking free to gain the support of car owners. I’m waiting until they try and by my vote with freebies. One way to start treating Muni riders fairly would be free Muni service on Sunday.

    Here’s another idea: free gameday Muni service.

    The SFMTA could encourage Muni ridership and do something to try and make up for all the crap we’ve been through would be to make Muni free after the 7th inning stretch during home games. It’s a fee dollars in savings for all Muni rider and at the ballpark it would make it easier to get crowds out of the park if they didn’t have to stop to by return tickets, which now requires having change on hand thanks to the SFMTA raising fares the same time it made parking free.

  • EastBayer

    The problem is that Mayor Lee won’t interpret a vote against Prop A as being for Sunday metering, but against funding for Muni (and bikes and peds)

  • murphstahoe

    If I ran the world, add $1 surcharge to all Giants tickets, and Giants tickets operate as your ticket on BART, Caltrain, MUNI, and the ferries from 3 hours before the game until 2 hours after the game. The operators lose money for each ticket used, but they get the buck from everyone who drives/walks/bikes to subsidize it. And they save money in terms of ticket collection hassle (Caltrain tickets checks on game days are getting impossible – many passengers fare evade) If we need more money, make is $2/$3/whatever.

  • Sigh…

    I think you’re totally right and that’s probably the real catch-22: even voting against a bad funding measure isn’t going to register with the politicians as opposing the bad system behind it.

    And even if Prop A failed and Prop B passed it probably still wouldn’t fully register with enough of Supervisors and the Mayor we want more sustainable solutions.

  • theqin

    It’s a good idea and it’s what they do in some cities like Hamburg. There is a surcharge on all event type tickets (including symphony, opera, etc.) that lets you ride public transit for free to and from the event using the event ticket.

    But you know Mayor Lee gets driven around everywhere, maybe instead of having a vehicle drive him around he should be forced to ride public transit to all of his events. Make his police escort ride muni too.

  • Nicasio Nakamine

    This is a brilliant idea! You get my vote to run the world (assuming this isn’t some sort of dictatorship situation)