Today’s Headlines

  • Driver Shoots Roy Mottini, a North Beach Neighborhood Figure, After Altercation in Crosswalk (SFist)
  • Photos of the Transbay Transit Center’s Above-Ground Construction Progress (Curbed SF)
  • SF Examiner Looks Into Why Senator Mark Leno Decided Not to Run Against Ed Lee for Mayor
  • SF Public Works Makes it Easier to Remove Weak Street Trees (SFGate), Before They Collapse (KRON)
  • Taxis Bumper Stickers Bash “Ride-Share” (CBS); NerdWallet Calculates “Ride-Share” Driver Profits
  • BART Oakland Airport Connector Falling Short of Ridership Needed to Break Even (CBS)
  • Bay Bridge Piers in Oakland May Be Re-Used (SFGate); Builder May Develop West Oakland BART (Biz)
  • The Greater Marin Finds Good and Bad in Golden Gate Transit’s Service Changes Along Highway 101
  • San Rafael City Council Votes for SMART Quiet Zones Before Trains Have Hit the Tracks (Marin IJ)
  • It’s Amazing How Easy it is for a Distracted Driver to Flip Their Car on a Neighborhood Street (Marin IJ)
  • With Used Train Purchases and Electrification, Can Caltrain Make More Room for Bikes? (Daily Journal)
  • More on San Jose’s Proposed Sidewalk Bicycling Ban (NBC); CBS 5 Anchor Stan Bunger Applauds it

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  • Easy

    DUI Suspect Jumps Railing, Gets Mustang Wedged On Golden Gate Bridge Sidewalk

  • Gezellig

    “Golden Gate Bridge spokeswoman Priya David Clemens took a photo of the unusual sight, adding that this has never happened before.”

    Don’t drink and drive, kids.

  • davistrain

    Between the car wedged on the sidewalk, and the station wagon on its side in the Richmond district (not to be confused with the city north of Oakland) one is reminded of the old taunt, “Where did you get your driver’s license? In a box of cornflakes?” Indeed, we could probably cut down on the number of motor-vehicle-related casualties by tightening driver licensing standards, but the auto industry and the oil companies would see this as a threat to their profits, and someone with a suburban point of view would be saying, “Taking away a person’s car and license would be like sentencing them to house arrest.” We can’t call a car an absolute necessity, but for most Americans, any alternative to driving is impractical, or at least inconvenient, and we live in a culture that prizes convenience.

  • Bruce

    How on earth did the car end up in this position, right next to the railing on the other side, without the railing appearing bent or damaged in any way? It seems to violate every law of physics.

  • als

    He drove down the side walk (west side from Marin end) until he got stuck.

  • Bruce

    Ouch. Through the bollards at the parking lot at the bottom of the Headlands, I guess? How did he manage to steer around the towers? Anyway, it’s a good thing this happened so early in the morning, or people might have gotten hurt.

  • Prinzrob

    Looks like he didn’t make it to the towers, as the path narrows before that. Still pretty far, though. I have a hard time believing that anyone would drive on the path that far unless they were mentally unbalanced, under the influence, or both.

  • Bruce

    Ah yes, now I recognize where that is. At first I thought it was the end of the west sidewalk on the south end, but now I see it’s the part at the north end where the sidewalk narrows. So only about 1/4 mile, probably.