Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Board Approves Free Muni for Seniors and Disabled Riders (ABC, SFBay, SFGateExaminer)
  • SFMTA Board Approves Seven Percent Muni Service Increase (SFBay)
  • Uber’s Market 3x Bigger Than SF Taxis (Biz Times); Lyft Looks to Catch Up in Funding (Biz Times)
  • Art Galleries to Check Out Within BART’s Reach in Oakland (KQED)
  • More on the Kirkham Heights Redevelopment: Car-Centric Relic to Be Brought “Up to Date” (Hoodline)
  • Downtown Berkeley BART Station Shut Down During Large Power Outage (ABC)
  • Protesters on San Mateo-Hayward Bridge Could Face Harsh Penalties Due to Related Collisions (ABC)
  • San Rafael Assemblyman Wants to Fast-Track New Car Lane on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge (Marin IJ)
  • Atherton Mayor Disapproves of Caltrain Electrification After Environmental Review Approved (Almanac)
  • Pedestrian Killed in Downtown Santa Rosa After SUV Driver Crashes, Flips (ABC)

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  • helloandyhihi

    Of the four articles on the SFMTA board approving free Muni passes for seniors, only the ABC 7 story by Carolyn Tyler included an opposing viewpoint.

    It’s disappointing and frustrating that the print journalists put forth articles that were not fair, balanced, and inclusive.

    * Michael Cabanatuan at the Chronicle, whose own paper’s OpEd board called the program “a bad policy idea” included five sources in his story, all for the program.

    * Joe Fitzgerald at the Examiner also included five sources, all for the program.

    Yesterday, my post on the subject was the top link on Streetsblog’s headlines, which reporters covering transit should be checking out.

    This is a failure of journalism. But it’s also a failure of transit advocates for not proactively getting their point of view out to the reporters. Why didn’t the SFTRU have a clearly articulated position on this?

  • 94110

    You lost me at “fair” and “balanced” which Fox News have turned into code words for “crackpot theories”.

    Not saying that’s what your article is, but I am saying I’m not reading an article by someone who does that little to distance himself from Fox News.

  • murphstahoe

    I consider myself fortunate that I did not have the patience to deal with Medium’s comment registration, such that I could rebut your poorly researched article.

  • helloandyhihi

    Do it here, bring it on.

  • I appreciated your article.

  • Justin

    Seems like if protesters who blocked traffic on San Mateo/Hayward Bridge are going to be subject to harsh penalties, the same should be applied to those who caused civil unrest at the Embarcadero, Montgomery and Powell st BART Stations, especially the fact that they banged metal spoons on metal columns and the trains themselves. Just imagine all that banging, the damage that could been caused especially on the glass of BART Trains, what if they shattered? You can imagine the damage and injuries it could have caused. Harsh penalties should be enforced on them due to the damage they could have inflicted as well as the chaos it caused to BART riders who are simply trying to get to where they need to go.

  • hp2ena

    Hi there, hope you’re doing well! First off, I’d like to say that I agree that SFTRU could have done more to mobilize and organize transit riders, not just around certain issues, but in general, since the city does have a significant amount of transit riders who are impacted, but not everyone involved show up and get involved. I remember seeing your tweets urging your followers to get involved, and I really appreciate your effort in helping build the organization. Lack of involvement has certainly got me frustrated when I was a Board Member. There are a number of constraints, unfortunately, availability and motivation being some factors. We can fix that by getting more people involved, but it will have to take some effort on behalf of those already involved.

    However, SFTRU does not necessarily take positions on many issues, especially if they are known to be divisive (ex. Central Subway and Free Muni for Youth). It’s especially difficult considering the organization has four board members, which easily allows ties with a 2-2 split. To my understanding of the bylaws, a resolution in support or opposition to this would have failed with a tie. If you are interested in affecting the organization’s positions in the future, especially around transportation issues, consider either joining the board as they’re looking for members (Contact Thea), or lobbying the Board to allow members to vote on these issues themselves.

    I hope that you continue to get involved with SFTRU in the future, and I really appreciate your efforts in getting others involved.


  • SF_Abe

    You can’t charge people for the damage they COULD have caused! You can only charge then for damage they ACTUALLY DID cause. (and really, BART windows shattering under the brutal tapping of spoons?!)

    If it’s such a problem when freeways are blocked by protesters, why is it perfectly normal when they are clogged to a standstill every day by cars? That’s a real question.