Today’s Headlines

  • Police Chase Ends in Vehicle Hit-and-Run on 23rd and Potrero (Mission Local)
  • SFPD Sergeant Brings the Message to Park Station: Stay Out of Drivers’ Way (Hoodline)
  • Plainclothes SFMTA Officers Spotted Cracking Down on Disabled Parking Placard Abuse (Richmond)
  • Joe Eskenazi: Free Muni for Moderate-Income Seniors and Disabled Coming, Transit Riders Foot the Bill
  • Pac Heights Gas Station on Valuable Land to Be Razed for Fancier Gas Station (SocketSite)
  • When President Obama Comes to Town, Traffic Gridlock is Sure to Follow (SFGate)
  • After All-Electronic Tolling, Golden Gate Bridge Call Center Service Declines (SF Appeal)
  • Bike/Ped Path Approved on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge (SFBaySFGate)
  • Hayward Uses Cheeky Traffic Signs to Tell Drivers to Slow Down, Peds to Look While Crossing (ABC)
  • Gina Caudill, 22, Killed After Driving Wrong Way on Highway 880 in Fremont (SFGate)
  • Mercury Roadshow Reader: Ban Free Parking to Reduce Car Congestion
  • How to Kill Bicycling: CA Senator Wants to Mandate Bike Helmets, High-Visibility Clothing (Cyclelicious)

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  • Fran Taylor

    In Hoodline piece, Sgt. Murphy’s inane statements prove his own admission that an empty parked cop car is more effective than a live officer.

  • Gezellig

    Re: Richmond Bridge bike/ped lane—finally! Though it’d be really nice if it happened sooner than 3 years.

    Also, if we had a saner more equitable transpo policy the new motor vehicle lane would be a dedicated bus lane with GGT service branded something like 580 Express (in the grain of the long-distance rapid skip-stop 101 bus line GGT currently operates):

    Currently bus service into Marin from the East Bay is still largely the same as documented in this piece from 2007:

  • Great article about SF traffic cops give lessons on how they can’t be relied upon for safety & it’s ped/bikers fault if they get hit.

  • Gezellig

    “Love the Frogger Games or Shut Up. Also, may the odds be ever in your favor.

    –Your Police Department of District 12…er…San Francisco”

  • p_chazz

    ^Yes this, much. When I went to school at Dominican, I would occasionally have to go from my Sacramento office to Dominican which entailed taking the Capitol Corridor from Sacramento to Richmond; BART from Richmond to El Cerrito del Norte; the 40/42 from ECN to the San Rafael Transit Center and a local GGT bus or cab or walk from the Transit Center to Dominican. There were some 40/42s that went to Richmond Station, but not enough for me to make to class in time.

  • Gezellig

    Yeah, the current 40/42 setup really sucks. I’ve looked into it and even bus + bike with the 40/42 often doesn’t make much sense.

    Whereas just-bus and certainly bus + bike is very competitive to driving to destinations along the Marin SF 101 corridor.

    For example, bus + bike on either the 70 or 101 GGT bus lines is often equivalent to or even better than driving in terms of time (for example, GG Bridge Toll Plaza to San Rafael Transit Center on the 101 bus can be as little as 25 minutes. Google maps says with no traffic the absolute best a car can do is 18 minutes. That’s pretty good for transit! Especially considering there aren’t any bus-only lanes on Highway 101, which would make it even better).

    Marin missed out long ago on rail connections to the East Bay and SF but express bus service on dedicated bus lanes (or at least HOV + bus lanes) could replicate many of its functions at a fraction of the cost of rail. All the better with smart (excuse the pun) timed transfers to upcoming SMART service at key stations such as San Rafael TC and Larkspur.

    An express 580 bus across the Richmond Bridge to/from SRTC would be huge.