Today’s Headlines

  • Private Autos to Be Banned Tomorrow From Turning On to Market Street, From Third to Eighth (SFGate)
  • Two Bike Stations to Open at Civic Center BART/Muni Station Next Tuesday (Hoodline)
  • More on the SF Bicycle Coalition Member Vote to Change Board Election Rules (SF Examiner)
  • Craigslist Ad Calls Stanley Roberts “Cyclist Enemy #1,” SF Weekly Attributes it to General “Bicyclists”
  • The Central Freeway’s Rise and Fall in Hayes Valley is a Story of SF Neighborhood Politics (Hoodline)
  • Traffic Blocked By Tree That Fell on Fell Street Near Laguna (Hoodline)
  • Urban Life Signs: Why Don’t AC Transit’s Transbay Buses Venture Further Into Downtown SF?
  • Planning Commission Approves Sky Bridge to Connect Twitter Offices Over Plaza on Stevenson (Exam)
  • 49ers Player Aldon Smith Arrested for DUI and Hit-and-Run in Santa Clara, Cut From Team (NBC, ABC)
  • CA High Speed-Rail Authority Jumpstarts Planning for Peninsula Service (Green Caltrain)
  • Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Traffic at 5-Year High as Economy Booms in Housing-Starved Marin (MIJ)
  • East Oakland Driver Crashes Into Oakland Store, Possibly During Sideshow (CBS)

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  • gneiss
  • Gezellig

    First signalized protected Dutch-style intersection in US now complete in Davis!

    Looks like SFMTA’s “that’s never been done (in the US) before” argument will now have to go by the wayside.

    Awesome that Davis is leading the way on this–I’m planning on going to check it out in action this weekend.

  • CamBam415

    Two comments:

    1. I found this interesting blog on the cost of transit modes in Vancouver and thought folks here would enjoy it:

    2. For the IJ article, it would be interesting to see traffic by commute vs off hours, # of vehicles by direction and where trips start/end. Many EB drivers use the RSR bridge as a Bay Bridge alt route to/from SF/Peninsula and the IJ article only addresses volume as # of toll payers (yet the back-up in the afternoon isn’t in the toll paying direction). Also, as Petaluma and southern Sonoma add housing, I am sure more people are commuting through Marin to SF and the EB. I guess my question is how much of that traffic would be addressed by increased housing stock and how much would be addressed with better transit (rail?) through Marin to SF/EB.

  • twinpeaks_sf

    Great write-up by the one supervisor in this town actually focused on the realities of multi-modal transportation.

    But we really need to stop circulating that incorrect map of the Wiggle route…

  • jd_x

    Great article. Was really happy to see that. At this point, it’s clear that what Captain Sanford is doing is ridiculous since clearly ter is debate among reasonable people about the validity of the laws requiring bicyclists to come to a complete stop when they have clearly yielded. If you are a police captain with limited resources, it is irrational and petty (or serving a personal vendetta) to waste these resources on laws which clearly have questionable validity. This discrimination needs to end, and we need more supervisors to speak out.

  • CamBam415

    I really like it when the bike path/crossing is set-back from the intersection so that cars are forced to ‘square up’ (facing forward at the crossing). As a cyclist, I feel much safer and as a driver it is less stressful. Sunriver, OR has their bike paths cross way back from the roundabouts and it is great (Cottonwood Dr at E Cascades Rd roundabout is a good example too).

  • Gezellig

    Absolutely. “Channelized” turns for cars are an example of LOS-centric planning which saves cars few moments in turning but is much more dangerous for people on foot/bike.

    Add in the teardrop-shaped protective island and smart signalization of a Dutch-style protected intersection and it all hums along smoothly and safely.

    Not only that but this kind of infrastructure is low-stress and simply pleasant to use. This encourages more trips to be made walking/biking than might otherwise be the case.

  • Andy Chow

    In the cases of SamTrans and Golden Gate Transit, these routes use city streets to access downtown SF. AC Transit already access downtown SF directly from the bridge.

    If AC Transit were to serve 4th & King, it would also extend beyond 4th & King since there’s no layover space there. That might be UCSF Mission Bay, SF General, or other destinations with large employment.

    If that route isn’t going to serve Transbay, where should it go with either sufficient ridership to 4th & King and beyond, and/or provide connection to other AC routes?

    Golden Gate Transit provides limited service along Geary but ridership is mediocre compared to the bulk of the service along Van Ness or Financial District. Transfer to other routes is available at the GGB toll plaza.