Today’s Headlines

  • Mother of Bicyclist Killed by Muni Driver Wants a Safer Market Street (KQED)
  • SFMTA Approves 18-Month Pilot Program for Car-Free Powell, Begins Dec. 4 (SF Bay)
  • SF Supervisors Approve Transit Sustainability Fee for New Development (SF Examiner)
  • Two Geary Pedestrian Bridges to be Removed for BRT (Hoodline)
  • Jogger Hit by Driver at Post and Hyde Suffers Severe Injuries (ABC, CBS, SF Gate)
  • SFMTA to Begin Laying Out Central Subway Tracks on Fourth and King This Weekend (Hoodline)
  • Old Bay Bridge Implosion Moved to Nov. 14, Will Take Place Under Water (ABC Video, KQED, SF Gate)
  • GJEL Examines Three Potential Transportation and Infrastructure Mega-Projects for the East Bay
  • Oakland City Council Votes to Decrease Parking Fee Just Four Months After Raising Them (SF Gate)
  • 19-Year-Old Driver Hits and Kills 62-Year-Old Cyclist in Palo Alto (Palo Alto Online)
  • San Bruno to Hold Public Meetings to Seek Input for Walk/Bike Safety Improvements (TDJ)

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  • Prinzrob

    North Oakland neighbors oppose AC Transit transbay service cuts:

  • mcva

    Two ten-year olds hit by a drunk SUV driver:

    It’s insanity out there.

    Thinking healing thoughts for the boys. Apparently they are both expected to survive.

  • gary

    They need to start suing the alcohol companies, just like they do with gun companies.

  • p_chazz

    Because nobody is ever personally responsible for their own choices.

  • It’s not the manufacturer, it’s the distributor.

    Sue the dealership that sold the SUV.

  • Althaea

    Another bicyclist killed in another tragedy here in the Bay Area and it barely gets any mention. Just a couple of lines. Just status quo grimness that everyone seems inured to these days.

    Doesn’t any organization which purports to support or be concerned with bicyclists and bicycling believe that they have a responsibility to thoroughly investigate each and every one?

    Its not like we don’t know that law enforcement has an appalling record in terms of ascertaining the truth when it comes to bicyclists.

  • Althaea

    Yesterday I was bicycling east along Geary downtown. The right lane is a bus only red lane and believe me if you are in the lane the busses will not hesitate to let you know. So instead I ride on the far left of the road along that stretch. But that was enough to piss off some nazi in his SUV who sped up next to me and then quite deliberately cut in to me while sticking his hand out his window and flipping me off. Basically he just committed felony assault against me with a vehicle. Yet I wonder if I had pulled out a firearm and shot at him that I would have been the one demonized by law enforcement and arrested. It makes me sick that we just have to take this violent assault on the roadways perpetrated by disgusting nazis.

  • jd_x

    Yep. I keep saying this: the SFBC, SVBC, etc need to create a legal arm that sues these cities when bicyclists’ rights are clearly violated just like the NAACP or ACLU. I’m not surprised that cities don’t stand up for the rights of bicyclists and pedestrians, but I am amazed these groups haven’t done so.