Today’s Headlines

  • Possible Brake Failure on Unregistered Tour Bus That Crashed (Gate, SFist, Kron4, ABC, CBS)
  • Removal of Overhead Muni Wires on Market Street for Super Bowl Party Proposed (Exam, SFist)
  • Opinion: Regulate Private Buses Using San Francisco’s Public Streets (Exam)
  • Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor Project Final Meeting Tonight (Hoodline)
  • Even More on MuniMobile Smartphone App, Available Now (CBS, SFBay)
  • San Mateo City Council Approves 50-Bike Pilot Bike-Share System (GC)
  • Next Caltrain Grade Separations Are New Hillsdale Station, Ravenswood, and Broadway (GC)
  • Caltrain Strikes, Kills Pedestrian Near Santa Clara Station (Gate, Merc, ABC, CBS, Kron4)
  • Mission Driver Attacks Two People Sitting on Sidewalk, Hospitalizing Both (Local, Hoodline)
  • Taxi Driver Injures 33-Year-Old Walking in Crosswalk in Parkside (Appeal)
  • Bicyclist Strikes Elderly Man Walking Across Market Street (Exam)

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  • Andy Chow

    Technically that person should be identified as a trespasser and not a pedestrian. There’s no legal crossing at the station except the pedestrian tunnel. The chance that it had been an intentional act is high. There’s in fact no grade crossing from just south of Sunnyvale Station all the way to San Jose.

  • Andy Chow

    One of the things that could be done to address the ghost bus issue is to improve agency coordination and technology to better enforce the existing laws on the books. Right now different agencies handle basic vehicle registration and inspection. So even for operators we have to deal with different agencies every year to maintain compliance.

    If you decide to obtain a bus, you have to first get it registered with the DMV and pay the fees (and show proof of insurance), then mail in another application on paper with CPUC to add the vehicle to the fleet, and CPUC would forward the addition to CHP to get the vehicle inspected.

    With better agency coordination, registration with DMV should trigger automatic registration with CPUC and notify CHP. The technology is there and is already in place in other aspects. For example, if your commercial insurance is expiring your CPUC permit will also expire, and that insurance carriers notify DMV/CPUC automatically when policy is issued, like how car repair shops report to DMV electronically about smog check results.

  • Darksoul SF

    I pretty sure San Francisco will take the “? Millons” money and take down the Overhead Wires.

  • Andy Chow

    But what’s it in for the riders. If they take down the wires, it could take a week before the event to take down and another week after the event to restore. If they say they are willing to spend the money I think Muni riders with monthly pass should receive a free pass for a month to endure this BS.

  • theqin

    This seems to me like it is criminal negligence and either their license should be revoked indefinitely, someone should be prosecuted, or both.

  • davistrain

    Latest report shows that removing the wires will not happen. Apparently The City told the promoters, “That dog won’t hunt”. Now we just have to tell the football fanatics that the “F” line is too important to be shut down to accommodate their shindig.