Today’s Headlines

  • Service Restored after Sinkhole Distrupts J-Church Line (SFGate, SFBay)
  • City to Help Castro Merchants Deal with Superbowl Streetcar Closure (SFExaminer)
  • Captain Sanford Says Bike Yield will Create Chaos (SFExaminer)
  • More on BART Fare Increase (SFExaminer, SFWeekly)
  • More Density for Mission (Socketsite)
  • Transit Access Among Reasons Editorial Urges Oakland to Stand Firm on Raiders (InsideBayArea)
  • Hit and Run Driver Nabbed (SFGate)
  • BART to Raise Parking Fees (SFBay)
  • BART Station Bomb Threat Bogus (InsideBayArea)
  • Santa Clara Valley Rolls Out New Buses (CBSLocal)
  • Political Cartoon on Tiburon Ferry Versus Bus Service Funding Debate (MarinIJ)

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  • mx

    “City to Help Castro Merchants Deal with Superbowl Streetcar Closure”

    So taxpayers have to pay to shutdown the F-Market (I presume we still have to pay the streetcar drivers even while the line isn’t running?), pay to run buses instead, and now we have to pay for advertising to make up for it? The only Super Bowl ads I want in SF are big arrows pointing South.

  • murphstahoe

    No kidding. And the taxpayers also have to accept the tax dollars those darn football fans will spend in San Francisco.

  • jd_x

    Re: Captain Sanford Says Bike Yield will Create Chaos

    “Being such a dense city, with so many visitors and distracted drivers, I will never be convinced it is safe to disobey any of the traffic laws, especially stop signs and red lights,” Sanford wrote in the newsletter.

    Really!? So Captain Sanford, is that why you never enforce double parking in the bike lanes (yes, not a moving violation, but you can enforce, especially the part where the motorist moves in/out of the lane to do their double parking), or motorists not using turn signals, or the motorists who continually nearly right hook/buzz bicyclists? Why don’t you set-up stings for these acts? If you aren’t biased against bicyclists, you would be setting up even more stings to catch motorists who routinely and *genuinely* threaten bicyclists safety with their dangerous and oblivious behavior.

    I’m so tired of this captain and his illogical, biased thinking. He’s been given a fair chance and he refuses to act rationally. He needs to go. We need some City leadership to step in here and make this happen. This guy is empowered to protect citizens and has absolutely no concept of the best way to do this other than acting like it’s 1970 and our cities are for cars, not people.

  • Darksoul SF

    Those logical Supervisors approved this Bike Yield Law. Vision Zero out the window. San Francisco should not become Idhalo.

  • Darksoul SF

    Only if SFMTA did agreed to pull down the wires…They originally said they will pay for any cost. Now after the new plan, SFMTA have spend many more tax payers money.

  • als

    I don’t know what your perception is but to me San Francisco is FULL of tourist and conventions year round. We don’t need anybody (or any event – Oracle) shutting down streets and transit to generate tax dollars from visitors.

  • murphstahoe

    And why is SF FULL of tourists? In large part because SF hosts these events that build the PR for the city.

    The Super Bowl is GREAT. Santa Clara bears the lion share of the costs of putting on the event and SF will reap most of the PR and profits.

  • Gezellig

    Golden Gate Bridge to return to 3-3 lane split for most evening commute hours:

    –> At afternoon peak 45.4% of all GG bridge traffic is southbound, while 54.6% is northbound.

    –> There are 6 auto lanes on GG Bridge.

    –> A pilot trial from Sep-Dec ’15 changed the afternoon lane split from 3-3 to 4-2 (with 4 lanes going to the northbound side) from 4p-6p (really more like 3:30p-6:30p with the half hour needed to do the road zipper).

    –> In other words, southbound traffic got just a hair over 33% of road capacity despite carrying more than 45% of its volume, while northbound traffic got almost 67% of road capacity despite only carrying less than 55% of its volume.

    Predictably, this caused horrendous delays for southbound traffic while northbound traffic often flowed freely with clear excess capacity. After all, despite the perception of southbound being the “reverse” commute, that 45/55% split shows it’s actually a lot closer than people might think.

    Why care about freeway traffic on Streetsblog? GG Bridge and 101 do not have transit-only lanes. I actually significantly modified my southbound GGT commute to cope with it since after the pilot started I was regularly getting delays of an extra 30-45 minutes on top of my normal southbound bus commute.

    The pilot found that the extra northbound capacity is really only needed most on Thursdays and Fridays when more people are leaving SF, so the 4-2 split will remain on those evening commutes (and for a smaller window of time than the pilot).

    While this will probably reintroduce some comparative northbound delays, a close 45/55% volume split is more equitably served by a 50/50% lane split than a 33/67% one.

    Of course, HOV lanes would also be a big boon to transit, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.