Today’s Headlines

  • Super Bowl City Protests Block Buses (SFGate, InsideBayArea)
  • Expect Ferry Delays from Super Bowl Protests (SFExaminer)
  • TSA Provides Extra Security on Bay Area Transit for Super Bowl (SFAppeal)
  • More on BART and Muni Rideship Surge from Super Bowl Events (SFExaminer)
  • More on Earthquake Warning System for BART and Other Systems (KQED)
  • Designs for Bay Bridge Western Span Bike Path (SFExaminer, SFist)
  • More Work to Remove Old Bay Bridge Span (Kron4)
  • Very Transit Adjacent Car Barn Ready for Re-purposing (Socketsite)
  • Suspect Sought in San Jose Hit and Run (MercNews)
  • Novato Bus Hub Design Debates Continue (MarinIJ)
  • Muni Wants your Old Photos (SFist)

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  • mx

    “More on BART and Muni Rideship Surge from Super Bowl Events”

    Do we have any idea how much of this is from people attending Super Bowl events vs people who normally drive or take buses who are taking alternate routes due to all the closures?

  • Jeffrey Baker

    The bus station meltdown last night was caused by the cops. They could have done something smart, but instead they directed cars up what are normally bus-only streets. Those cars should have just stood where they were, or been directed in a loop north of Market to 1st to get on the bridge. Much better to block a few dozen motorists than hundreds of bus riders.

  • Gezellig
  • marcramsey

    I got there at 5:30 for a 5:34 bus, the terminal was already at a standstill, my bus finally reached the (traffic free) bridge at 7. The cops may have started it, but AC Transit turned it into an event through a simple lack of planning. There was no centralized management and limited communication, the supervisors directing traffic had no idea how to avoid gridlock within and around the terminal. AC Transit central control had to broadcast on the bus radios to plead for a driver get a supervisor to call them, as they couldn’t reach any of them.

    Buses would get waved into the terminal by a supervisor, only to find that they couldn’t reach their slot, or if they could, there would already be a bus there trying to get out. By about 6 there was a solid loop of motionless buses from the terminal exit back around to the entrance, and in both directions within the terminal, preventing departing buses from leaving the terminal to reach the bridge approach which was by then clearing.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Yeah, but the cops were directing traffic down Beale to Folsom and then letting them go down Folsom to the bridge, which is normally bus-only territory.

    I’m not going to defend the design of the terminal. It’s crazy and has become gridlocked before. The buses should be allowed to exit at either Folsom or Beale.

  • marcramsey

    After 6, the bridge approach from Folsom was moving, but buses couldn’t get there. One departing bus did exit on Beale, but the supervisors must have had some reason to rethink that, as it never happened again.

  • It’s also worth pointing out that Muni Metro’s 9:30 PM closure time ended right before the Super Bowl events began, meaning there’s an extra 3.5 hours or so per day for people to ride Muni Metro.