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  • Pittsburg BART Delays Continue (SFGate1, SFGate2, KQED)
  • BART Test Train Looks for Voltage Glitch (SFExaminer)
  • Politics of BART Breakdowns (SFist)
  • More on BART Maintenance Priorities (SFist)
  • Is BART’s “Fleet of the Future” at Risk? (SFWeekly)
  • Affordable Housing at MacArthur BART (SFBay)
  • Mission Street Motorists Ignore New Lane Markings (CBSLocal)
  • Survey Says SF Has Second Worst Traffic in Nation (SFGate, MercNews)
  • Sonoma Marin Rail Gets Money for More Cars (MarinIJ)
  • The Western Addition Then and Now (Hoodline)
  • The History and Future of Lake Merritt (KQED)

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  • Jeffrey Baker

    The MacArthur BART developers should be ashamed. It took _years_ from laying the foundation to completing this tiny little building. They had single digits of worked on site at any given time. The opportunity cost of not finishing that years ago is enormous. Let’s hope they put some people on the job for the next phase.

  • lunartree

    Thankfully the tone in Oakland has really changed since that was planned.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    How do you mean? I still see construction jobs with ~2 guys working on them. Take for example the incredibly long work on the curb of San Pablo between 17th and 18th. That’s been going on for 6 months! I could have done it single-handed by now, but if I was working that job I would have 50 people do it in one weekend.

    The opportunity cost of having a project uncompleted is much higher than the real cost of putting a few more workers on the job. I think that’s something we don’t understand about construction projects in California, since we assign no value to the public domain.

  • Gezellig

    From SFBC email blast:

    This is embarrassing for the SFBC. What is the SFBC breathlessly tooting its horn over this time? Its “advocacy” for:

    –> one eastbound-only (!) bike lane in the TL
    –> that’s not protected
    –> on a dangerous multilane high-speed road

    (psssst….SFBC…”buffered” lanes on would-be surface freeways are nothing to be excited about. “Buffering” by nothing other than paint in such contexts is not 8-to-80, and the fact it only goes in one direction is all the more laughable).

    One wonders why the milquetoast, largely ineffectual SFBC consistently gives up even before it’s started.

    The TL *desperately* needs street calming and protected bikeways. A true advocacy organization would push the city to do the right thing, not generically follow along and breathlessly tout its embarrassingly mediocre “advocacy” efforts.

    There are a few good people at SFBC, don’t get me wrong, but this is indicative of the fundamentally backwards approach of what is a largely useless organization. Sorry guys, that’s not advocacy.

    And they wonder why membership is dropping.

  • lunartree

    You’re probably right. I just meant in terms of building these project bigger. 90 units is pretty underwhelming for all that work, but they’ve really been scaling up lately. Although, it sounds like you’ve identified another problem with how we build things.

  • Prinzrob

    Beyond that, the new MacArthur BART plaza construction and 200-space secure bike parking facility that was supposed to have been done 2 years ago by the same developer hasn’t even started yet. Meanwhile the existing bike lockers there are at capacity most days and bikes are stolen from that station all the time.

    The frontage roads construction has also inexplicably left out pedestrian and bike facilities that were previously included in the development agreement. I have received no explanation as to why they were dropped by city staff, and can not get a response at all about this from the developer.

    Of course, the parking garage was completed and open for business with no problems, though.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    At least they convinced the station agents to stop parking their cars in the station.

  • p_chazz

    The SFBC needs leadership. It has lacked vision since Leah Shahum left. Noah Budnick was a complete washout after less than a year. There has been a lot of division over various proposals dealing with organizational governance. In short, in the past 18 months, SFBC has been too focused on internal matters to be an effective advocacy organization. One of two things will happen: SFBC will gradually wither up and die, to be replaced by another more vigorous organization or it will resolve its internal divisions and once again take up the mantle of bike advocacy. Only time will tell.

  • murphstahoe

    That’s deep, man. Deep

  • p_chazz

    Not particularly. Pretty basic analysis, actually. But I can see how it would be for someone like you.