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  • gneiss

    Independent poll comssioned by SF Bicycle Coalition of likely voters shows high levels of support for bicycling and bicycle infrastructure:

  • RichLL

    Well, sure, cycling is in theory a cuddly, groovy, affable, environmentally-sound, health conferring activity that few reasonable people could oppose. Ask a non-searching question and people will always support it.

    All the more surprising, therefore, that SFBC doesn’t have a great public image, and that cyclists have tarnished their brand through Critical Mass, self-absorbed agitation, and the Bucchere/Hespelt PR disaster.

    It takes a special kind of stupid to turn people against something as benign as cycling, but some elements of that lobby have pulled it off anyway.

  • the_greasybear

    Well, sure, the poll reveals your negative views about bicycling in San Francisco are not shared by the vast majority of likely voters here. But you’ve got opinions! Oh, so many opinions. Troll.

  • RichLL

    If the self-motivated preferences and prejudices of cyclists are as popular with the voters as you claim, then presumably you are finding it effortless to get funding and approval for all the infrastructure that you want.

    So there’s no problem, right?

  • Donovan Lacy

    Well we know at least one person that is turned off by the bike lobby.

    I don’t think I have ever asked. What is your motivation for posting so often on this blog? What has made you so upset that you have decided to spend so much time posting arguements against virtually every article posted here?

  • RichLL

    I’m not upset. I am interested in transportation issues (and, in fact,work in the aviation business).

    But I’d rather debate specifics than generalities. Greasy’s big point appeared to be that the cyclist lobby has this massive voter support. My question deriving from that rather logically is why then are cyclists endlessly whining that they don’t get a good deal?

  • Donovan Lacy


    You post on this blog virtually every day often using inflamatory statements and arguments based on emotiong rather than fact. That gives the impression that you are in fact upset, and your target is regularly cyclists.

    I fail to follow your logic, that because there are critics of the progress that is being made to make our streets safer for all of its users, including pedestrians and cyclists, that there is not broad support for these efforts.

    Wouldn’t the same logic apply to motorists. If there is such strong support for keeping the status quo, “why then are motorist endlessly whining that they don’t get a good deal?”

    If there is so much broad opposition to changing our transportation systems to place more focus and resources on alternative transportation options, how could it possibly have gotten to the point of an all out “war on cars” ? Certainly the tiny minority of supporters would have given up long ago, given their lack of support. And yet every year we see an increase in cycling infrastructure and an increase in their pecentage of road usage where this infrastructure is completed.