Today’s Headlines

  • Supporters of Prop. J and K on Transit and Homelessness (SFBay)
  • More on DTX Funding Delay (CBSBayArea)
  • Piling on Brisbane Anti-Housing Plans (SFGate)
  • Improvements Coming to Panhandle Path (Hoodline)
  • Pedestrian Injured in Excelsior Hit and Run (SFGate)
  • More on Caltrain Electrification (DailyJournal, Almanac)
  • Problems with SMART Train Crossing Gates (MarinIJ)
  • Market Street Art Installation Would Show When Trains Pass Below (SFChron)
  • Commentary: Blather on the Ballot, Including Transit and Planning Provisions (SFExaminer)
  • Commentary: Brisbane Deserves to be Piled Upon for its Anti-Housing Plans (SFExaminer)
  • Commentary: City Needs to Act on Sinking Millennium Tower (SFGate)

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  • It’s peculiar how Aaron Peskin and the other Supervisors opposed the subway extension are taking it all out on Caltrain riders.

    If the extensively studied terminal that was planned over the course of two decades is really so dangerous, what about all those other towers going up around the Transbay Terminal?

    If this truly is the fault of the Transbay Terminal, nothing to do with the cost-cutting decision on the part of the Millennium Tower to build on sand rather than bedrock, shouldn’t the Supervisors also being doing the prudent thing and put a halt on all those other towers going up around the new Terminal, not just the subway extension?

  • joechoj

    On the lights project: There are two ways to go with this, philosophically. The way described is very cool because it connects the worlds above and below the street instantaneously, allowing street level observers to see the pulse of transit moving through the city.

    Another way to go, which would provide more functional value to the public, would be to have the light display projected forward along Market, offset by the average amount of time it takes to get from the street to the platform. For transit users, then, the rule of thumb would be: if you start down the stairs before the lights pass, you’ll catch the coming train. Unfortunately, in this setup you’d lose the cool coupling between layers of the city, so it would certainly be an artistic sacrifice in the name of utility.

    I wonder how helpful would this actually be? Maybe headways are close enough that catching a specific train doesn’t matter.

    Either way, I’d love to believe that some drivers will tire of seeing the lights outpace them, and try ditching their cars.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    BART blows past traffic jams on CA-24 every single day, and the sight of this does not seem to have caused mass ditching of cars.

  • joechoj

    Good point

  • “Either way, I’d love to believe that some drivers will tire of seeing the lights outpace them, and try ditching their cars.”

    I’d love to see this happen too, but have you been on MUNI?

  • Central Subway extension or DTX?

    Either or, it’s not like he uses either system, but it’s so incredibly refreshing to see that he’s such a strong opponent to making the lives of many folks in the city and greater Bay Area better with improved transit.

  • joechoj

    Rarely. Tell me more.

  • Dexter Wong

    Peskin seems like the second coming of Quntin Kopp, who always opposed the extension, but this is not a good thing in this case. No one seems to care whether the new Transbay Terminal is the Grand Central of the west or the Port Authority Terminal of the west.

  • I hope those lights display in all colors instead of being discriminatory and lacking full diversity.