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  • Air quality delays Muni? How about Muni delays Muni. It’s a chronic problem that the agency just can’t seem to fix.

  • mx

    Air quality? Really? The subway is a disaster all the time and Muni is apparently just flipping through a page-a-day calendar of excuses now.

    Maybe there’d be the slightest reason to believe them if the Examiner article didn’t catch them lying about an out of service train.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Huh. I hadn’t read the details of the BART stabbing before. Kind of an interesting twist. I’d like to hear a lot more about the “victims” here and see their photos. I’m not very afraid of the guy who had to defend himself against roving criminals.

  • There is no reason to believe Muni. And inept transit agencies, like Muni, wonder why riders are flocking to ride hailing services instead. I can’t wait for the Central Subway to open…1-car trains packed to the gills running on an intermittent schedule. Let’s see what excuses Muni can drum up for delays in this tunnel.

  • mx

    Re: Market Street Project Approved

    This looks to my eyes like maybe 8 total loading spaces for 584 units of housing, plus the commercial space. Why do we keep approving these projects when it’s obvious that they will be surrounded by double parking all the time?