Today’s Headlines

  • Transportation Sustainability Fee May go Up (SFExaminer)
  • Bye-Bye Diesel Buses (Curbed)
  • BART Trying to Shut Civic Center’s Heroin Hallway (SFChron)
  • More Transparency for BART Police (EastBayTimes)
  • Lyft Eyes Bikes and Scooters (Fortune)
  • More on Regional Measure 3 (SFChron)
  • Resilient by Design Preps City for Sea Level Rise (Curbed)
  • Conflicting Visions for Haight McDonald’s (SFExaminer)
  • Tenderloin Grass Roots Planning (Hoodline)
  • Head-Count Tax Could go to Transportation, Other Services (SFChron)
  • Commentary: What’s not to Like About Scooters? (SFChron)
  • Commentary: Strengthen the Embarcadero Seawall (SFExaminer)

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  • Keep jacking up the tolls for supposed “transportation projects” yet we’ve seen very little come out of any of these toll hikes over the years.

  • mx

    “BART Trying to Shut Civic Center’s Heroin Hallway”

    What kind of scam is BART pulling here? Months ago they told us they had to close that part of the station to install transformers. Now it’s about cleanliness and kicking out homeless people?

  • lunartree

    The tunnel you’re thinking of is already closed. They closed it shortly after the news story on it. This would be a different closure, but yeah don’t close a useful tunnel. They need to do their jobs and clean it up!

  • mx

    I’m confused about my hallways maybe. They did close the northwest entrance (by the Burger King and the library) ages ago after a water pipe burst, said it would be temporary, and now declared they want it closed forever. But I think they want to close the southwest entrance (in front of the Hotel Whitcomb) and the hallway underneath the Market/8th/Hyde intersection that connected those entrances to the station. There’s another hallway farther down, where drug use is certainly not unheard of, that connects the two faregate areas. Presumably that one is staying open?

    Also, one of the entrances that would remain (in front of the Orpheum, what would now be the closest entrance for anyone heading to/from Civic Center itself) has no escalator. I can’t imagine they plan to install one, so it’s just a double middle finger to riders.

  • More access closures, yet we’re constantly being reminded by BART/Muni of all these wonderful transportation improvements that are supposedly happening.

    The filth in/around Civic Center used to be isolated to this station back in the day, but no more. Powell and Montgomery are just as disgusting. During the evening rush a homeless guy was strolling around the mezzanine at Montgomery station with his pants hanging off and crap all over his butt. When I brought this biohazardous situation to the attention of the station agent she looked and said “Oh, that’s just Kenny.” Glad to see they’re on a first name basis.

  • mx

    Can we not call people filth please? Kenny could surely use help, and that’s clearly not something anybody wants to see on their commute, but you know, we’re talking about people here.

  • Read my comment thoroughly, please, before responding. I never once called people filth. I simply stated (clearly, not simply enough for some people) that there is filth in this station. Related to filth is crap…crap that is hanging off someone’s butt in a public space used by thousands of people. Kenny does need help and this is where the city fails.

  • This isn’t restricted to BART, by any means.
    With Tenderloin/Market/FiDi/SOMA being one big open air shooting gallery, not sure how BART can effectively deal with the problem in BART by itself. I’m not saying there’s nothing they could do at all, either, but actually accomplishing much seems to be a bigger project.

  • jonobate

    Last summer BART announced that they were planning to close the Burger King entrance and the Hotel Whitcomb entrance so they could install a transformer in the corridor. After the water pipe closed the Burger King entrance they decided not to reopen it as it was scheduled for permanent closure anyway.

    It’s not clear from the article which entrance and walkway are now being closed, but I suspect it’s the Hotel Whitcomb entrance and connecting walkway, and that BART are just bringing forward what they were planning to do for the transformer so they can show the mayor they’re doing something about drug use.