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  • Re: BART Livermore extension…

    Good to hear that BART is starting to shift focus away from costly car-oriented expansions to deal with maintenance and infrastructure issues with its existing system. Yes, folks in Livermore have been paying into the BART system for a long time, but let’s not forget that Livermore has been encouraging sprawl development, not transit-oriented development. A station in the median of a major freeway isn’t going to “take cars off the road” when the major means of getting to that station is by car. It may displace some vehicles along the route who choose to park at a closer station, but as long as the area is adding housing stock in developments that require car ownership then any minimal initial gains of getting cars off the road is lost as more people with more cars move into the area.

  • mx

    Scooters off the streets in June and then back in July? Reiskin hasn’t bothered to even try one yet? No coherent plan to get people to stop riding them on the sidewalks?

    The incompetence is staggering.

  • Roger R.

    Well put.

  • Flatlander

    I don’t understand what you’re grousing about. There’s no “random” taking them off the street, the way I’m reading this collection of articles, the city has put together an application, due 6/4 for companies to participate in a pilot program, which would start at the end of June, and subjecting the scooter companies to a set of regulations to abide by in order to keep their permit. But now, without permits there’s no mechanism for enforcing good behavior except confiscation.

  • mx

    Right. So the scooters are supposed to be taken off the streets in June, and then the pilot program starts a few weeks later to put them back on the street. I’m asking what purpose that serves.

    If you like scooters, that means they’re not there in June if you want to use them. If you don’t, that means they’re back by July for you to trip over. I’m not understanding how a month-long scooter vacation is useful. It appears like Herrera throwing his authority around to demonstrate that he can rather than a coherent plan.

  • Flatlander

    Right now, they’re not regulated at all. In July, they’ll be permitted and regulated. Not having them in June allows the companies to agree to a set of rules, standards, number of scooters, etc. so that when we see them in July, we’ll know they are supposed to be there.

    It seems coherent to me. Not sure why you’re taking this extraordinarily narrow viewpoint of “scooters=yes or scooters=no” being the only relevant question

  • mx

    I guess I’m not understanding what not having them in June achieves. There absolutely should be rules and conditions, which will be enforced as part of the permit process. I just don’t see why it’s helpful to take all the scooters away while that’s worked out instead of deciding the rules now and saying “on July X, the only scooters allowed will be those that blah blah blah.” Then the rules take effect on that date and everyone is expected to comply. Seems just as easy as taking them off the streets this month.

    As a not particularly great analogy, when we legalized marijuana, we didn’t have a month-long zero tolerance crackdown before Prop 215 took effect. Or if you’re caught building a deck without a permit, the building inspector doesn’t make you tear it down and rebuild it out of spite for not following the rules (if it’s otherwise to code); you simply have to pay more.

    Full disclosure: I have tried the scooters perhaps three times since they appeared, and didn’t particularly like riding them.