Today’s Headlines

  • Over 1,300 Fare Evaders on BART Since Crackdown (SFGate)
  • Problems with Transbay Transit Center Wiring (SFChron)
  • SF Should be Scooter Free (SFWeekly)
  • Cyclist Dies in Collision with SUV in Oakland (SFBayEastBayTimes)
  • Modernizing Caltrain (MassTransit)
  • More on Regional Measure 3 (EastBayTimes)
  • Development of Battery-Electric Buses (SFChron)
  • Pipe-Wielding Thief Attacks Cyclists (SFBay)
  • Man Killed on Caltrain Track in Redwood City (SFChron)
  • Nearly Half Want to Leave Bay Area (BizTimes)
  • Commentary: Scooters? It’s the Cars Stupid (BayCityBeacon)

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  • david vartanoff

    The article about wiring issues at the bus taj mahal makes clear why you can’t trust MTC to spend RM3 money as advertised.

  • Are we not surprised by any of this?

  • Flatlander

    The headline makes it sound like a mistake, but the article reveals it to be a conscious decision. Prudent or not, the coverage seems a bit sensational.

  • david vartanoff

    Indeed not. However, in the context of whether to vote for RM3, IMHO this is another reason not. And as to “higher code wiring” or not., in my 45+ years in the trade, the expense is in the labor, less in the materials, so doing it twice is incredibly expensive and thus stupid. (not to mention that both labor and materials will only become more expensive as we wait)
    When I arrived in CA in 1970, I thought the plan should have been to tunnel to a terminal under Union Square or very nearby. Think of either the WTC once known as Hudson Terminal in Manhattan or Millenium (formerly Randolph Street) in Chicago. Both of them featured air rights over very convenient stations for CBD functions. So, instead of getting the downtown extension (first planned by E. H Harriman’s SP when they built their HQ on Market in a U shape providing for rail entry) all we have today is a “provision” for a “possible”, “future” station. Which is why I refer to the present building as Port Authority Bus Terminal West.

  • I don’t disagree at all. It sickens me that we keep getting short changed in the Bay Area when it comes to infrastructure promises that fall flat on utility and delivery, if they even get to the point of delivery. Kudos to those who want to stick it out and wait for a train that most likely will never come. Like thousands of others who are fed up, I’m leaving. Most people couldn’t care less about that statement, but so be it.

  • It sounds like they may have to install twice anyway, if the codes change between now and when the trains show up.

  • p_chazz

    Look on the bright side, if the trains are a no show, the space underneath the Transbay Terminal could be activated as a navigation center for the homeless or a conference center. It would also make a great concert hall.