Silliness with Scooters

The scooter debate has split the safe streets community, but one group found a way to laugh at it all

A drowned scooter near the West Oakland BART station. Photo: Streetsblog/Rudick
A drowned scooter near the West Oakland BART station. Photo: Streetsblog/Rudick

Scooters…should they be banned for cluttering up the sidewalk? Should they be heavily regulated? Or should this disruptive technology be allowed to run its course, whatever that may be, because of the importance of reducing CO2 emissions and automobile use?

The debate has left the safe-streets community split. But that hasn’t stopped “Realistic Marketing, Inc.” from having some side-splitting fun at the expense of Bird scooters.


  • mx

    So we’re almost half way into July. Does anyone know where the SFMTA scooter permits are?

    Back in May, the agnecy said “The SFMTA will review the applications and expects to determine which, if any, companies qualify for a permit by the end of June.” Apparently, they’re using the same system under which the N-Judah is forever coming in 10 minutes.

  • LazyReader

    Banning scooters, another attempt to deride a practical solution to
    urban congestion the government cannot. Their solution, Spend billions
    to expand BART out to the boondocks rather than fix it’s current stock
    that’s dilapidated and broke. E-scooters are great. THEY WORK
    – They can be parked virtually anywhere….even taken indoors and out of the way of vandalism and theft.

    They’re cost effective, granted it’s no car but the typical battery
    life is 15 miles, so there’s nowhere you cant go with the downtown
    – Unlike bicycles they don’t ride up and chafe my reproductive organs.
    – They use far less energy than an electric car.E-scooter
    proliferation may encourage the city to pursue expanding and repair;
    smooth and clean sidewalk initiative after the infamous Fecal fiasco
    when San Francisco streets tested positive for fecal borne diseases not
    seen since the 19th century. A standing electric scooter is a few inches
    wide and less than 3 feet long; plus folds to be carried. In other
    words it takes up no more or less space than what an adult man occupies
    in his walking stride. Average walking speed is 3 mph, so an e-scooter
    going 6 mph is no terrifying threat to public safety, People jog at 6
    mph and they bypass slowpokes frequently; the only thing e-scooters need
    is a mandated speed limit. Electric scooters on the sidewalk are a
    public nuisance but bums
    pooping, puking and peeing threatening public with their pitbulls and
    offering oral sex for drug money isn’t. The only reason that scooters
    are a hazard, is because they are always swerving around feces and

  • City Resident

    Great video – and the Uber Eats one is well done, too.

  • Do Something Nice

    They aren’t banned. But they need to be regulated. I’m mostly a pedestrian and the irresponsible sociopaths riding these things on the sidewalks with no concern for anyone else are the problem.

    And gee, because other things can be a nuisance we need to allow scooters on sidewalks? I’ve never been hit by a used syringe that was in a hurry while travelling on a sidewalk. But I have been hit be a turd of a person riding a scooter on the sidewalk.

  • Cynara2

    The only solution is to outlaw walking. Pedestrians have no right to any space free of moving vehicles, after all.

  • Cynara2

    You are so right. So what if pedestrians are afraid and uncomfortable or if they die or are crippled for life? They need to learn the rules of the road on the sidewalk. They have no right to take the whole lane and go so much slower than the speed limit. And the elderly, blind, disabled and small children present a hazard to all the moving vehicles on the sidewalk. Ideally, pedestrians would just be banned.

  • p_chazz

    Paralysis by analysis.