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  • mx

    “Ed Reiskin Pledges to do Better”

    A couple of days before the Twin Peaks Tunnel project ends. I mean, I certainly hope Muni gets better next week once hundreds of hours of service are restored, but creating a crisis and promising to end it by, er, waiting until the scheduled completion date of the construction project…that’s rich.

    The Board of Supervisors needs to hold a hearing to understand how this happened and to hold Muni officials accountable for not telling the truth about this from the beginning.

  • david vartanoff

    In some industries there is incentive pay for stellar performance. Muni’s upper mgmt need to be docked for not outs and lack of on time performance. Simply put, Reiskin, Haley and others in “top management” and SFMTA board members should have salary AND pension credits, cut to reflect both OTP failure and not outs.

  • OneSF

    It’s not entirely their fault though. Muni seriously doesn’t have enough drivers. For example, their Islais creek division is missing so many drivers that 11 out of the 124 total runs are unfilled. So just like that, there’s already a guaranteed 10%+ of service that’s not out on any given weekday.

  • david vartanoff

    And lack of hiring enough drivers is not a responsibility of management??? Just where does the buck stop? Muni has pulled the smoke and mirrors budget game of claiming full staffing but nott actually doing so for at least a couple decades. Part of that has been a way to offer OT to workers willing to do extra shifts, part because the city budget could not or would not actually fund full staffing. The usual scenario was that the OT hogs had used up the overtime line item, so no money in June for filling empty runs and a freeze on spare parts–you can imagine the results. Add to that Muni has never won the APTA (transit trade assn) fleet maintenance award.