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  • re: empty Market St. mall…
    “Such owners attribute the lack of business to the high cost of doing business in San Francisco, the city’s homeless problem and its dirty, unsafe streets.”
    No kidding. This is what you get when you elect the same pols term after term who couldn’t care less about the city. The new mayor will simply continue the trend…state the obvious to the press and city residents but do absolutely nothing to correct the problems. And I mean problems. Market St. is disgusting regardless of if you’re at 1st St., Van Ness or Castro. Long-term residents keep noting the downward spiral and tourists are shocked that SF is a far cry from what they see on a postcard.

  • embarcadero

    Those who create wealth can easily avoid those who consume it

    Twas ever so

  • mx

    It’s crazy that the $5 all day pass is not available on Clipper, and it actually makes me inclined to ride Muni less.

    I usually don’t buy a FastPass, as pay-as-you-go normally works out cheaper for my usage. But I often don’t know how many rides I’ll need in advance; maybe things go quickly enough I can do more on one transfer, or maybe I need more time. So why make me feel like I’m going to get ripped off using my Clipper card?

    There’s no reason the systemwide policy can’t be “just tap your Clipper card; we’ll always give you the best deal.” London has been doing it for years, with a fare system vastly more complicated, run by the same company that runs the Clipper system.

    Riding transit shouldn’t feel like flying Ryanair with tricky fees.

  • david vartanoff

    So, Mayor Breed, how about leaning on Muni to fix this?

  • It’s like they go out of their way to complicate matters for residents and tourists. Although, I was recently in Boston and noticed that I had to use the commuter rail app to buy my ticket because there wasn’t a ticket machine at the West Newton station. If I wanted a paper ticket I had to find a retail outlet that sold it. Imagine a family with kids trying to navigate the system. The SEPTA system in Philly sucks too. Same issue with the streetcar…the underground station lacked a fare machine and I was told I had to walk 3 blocks to a convenience store to buy a token.