Fund Drive Update: We’re Getting There Thanks to You!

Help us make it to home plate and you will automatically be entered to win tickets to an Oakland A's game--and other great prizes!

Help Streetsblog get to home plate and win tickets to a game! Image: Wikimedia Commons
Help Streetsblog get to home plate and win tickets to a game! Image: Wikimedia Commons

Hi all. We just wanted to update you on our fund raising. First of all, thanks again for your heartfelt support. It’s great to know that so many people appreciate what we do enough to contribute.

To review: a short time ago we found out the Craigslist Fund, which had been a stalwart supporter for many years, had decided to cease funding transportation advocacy groups. That left us with a $25,000 hole in our budget–threatening Streetsblog San Francisco’s ability to keep publishing daily. But we put out a call for help to our readers and they responded–through 107 donations, we have now shrunk that budget hole by over $11,000.

We’ve also reached out to many excellent foundations and organizations, and we’re getting closer to fixing our budget moving forward. But, bottom line, at the moment we’re still carrying just under a $14,000 deficit for the year. Each new donor gets us closer to our finish line AND demonstrates to those major donors and foundations just how much Streetsblog means to you.

Haven’t given yet? Click on the above button–no donation is too small

Although this fund drive is dealing with a serious problem, we’re trying to have some fun along the way (thus, the cat photos in our previous posts!). We’re also going to do a little raffle. Donors will now be eligible for a few fun prizes–including tickets to the Oakland A’s, Streetsblog’s stylish and much coveted hoodies, and some t-shirts.

Donate now and be entered to win two free tickets to an Oakland A's game!
Donate now and be entered to win two free tickets to an Oakland A’s game!

So won’t you please help us get to home plate with this fund drive?

Now’s a great time to a) spread the word via social media or email (example below) b) share a great idea or contact that can help us get forward (contact Damien Newton, c) make a donation if you haven’t yet.

If you want to help us on social media, here’s a sample you can cut and paste or re-tweet to your feeds:

 And once again, thank you so much!



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Thank You Bay Area!

Over the weekend, we received word that the craigslist Charitable Fund had awarded Streetsblog SF a $25,000 grant to help with 2021, raising our total for the drive to $45,685. While this is just under our goal, it's enough to assure that Streetsblog San Francisco will continue to publish for all of 2021 assuming our advertising income remains steady.
Image via Teresa O'Neill

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