Ironically, Homendy clearly wanted to present herself as an advocate for cyclists, at one point asking Cheung if his safety data analyzed the role played by drivers who block bike lanes, "forcing bicyclists out into traffic where they can get hit."

Alas, the National Transportation Safety Board staff, which has the benefit of "black boxes" on airplanes that can pinpoint virtually every system on a plane, plus radar and other technology, has no idea how many cyclists are being killed by anyone but the driver who hit them because NTSB research on roadways relies entirely on locally gathered crash reports, typically compiled in a suboptimal manner by police departments.

"Blocked bike lanes is a known issue," Cheung said. "It's not just annoying, it's a safety issue. But if a truck blocked a bike lane, even if it caused a crash, you won't see that in the reports because they focus on vehicles in the crash. I asked the law enforcement community if they keep track of those situations and was told they don't."