SFMTA Modifies Service for “Shelter in Place”

Photo: SFMTA
Photo: SFMTA

Muni will be shutting down Cable Cars, the F and E, and reducing express services to the financial district during the city’s ‘Shelter in Place’ order, in an effort to protect workers and dedicate more service to hospitals and residential areas. That was part of the strategy described by SFMTA Director Jeffrey Tumlin in a statement delivered yesterday evening.

Jeffrey Tumlin at yesterday's press conference from a still from CBS.
Jeffrey Tumlin at yesterday’s press conference, from a still from CBS.

For video of the full statement, click here.

A rundown of service changes from SFMTA:

  • Reduced weekday non-school schedule.
  • There will be no special event shuttles including the 76X, 78X and LRV a.m. and p.m. Shuttles.
  • Reduced express service, with the following routes cancelled:
    • 1A/BX, 7X, 14X, 30X, 31A/BX, 38A/BX, 41, 81X, 82X, 83X, 88, NX, E Embarcadero
  • The Cable Car and Historic fleet will be motorized:
    • F Market will operate between Pier 39 and Don Chee Way – 4 coaches.
    • Mason Line – 3 Coaches for the entire day.
    • 60 Hyde Line – 3 Coaches for the entire day.
    • California Line – 2 Coaches for the entire day.

    Streetsblog asks readers to appreciate the bravery and dedication of Muni’s employees. As Tumlin mentioned in his address, despite all the school closures and other challenges, they are still reporting in and doing their difficult and essential work, keeping the city functioning.

    Lastly, the city is suspending some parking restrictions. However, Tumlin said they will continue to enforce against double parking and blocking bike or bus lanes.