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Right of Way

Call to Action: Sign Petition to Ban Right on Red

Allowing drivers to turn right on red is dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. That's why it's banned overseas and why other cities, such as New York, have banned it locally. San Francisco needs to join the ranks of progressive cities that ban this unsafe practice.

Safety demands an end to right on red. Photo: Streetsblog/Rudick

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San Francisco allows drivers to take turns on red lights unless 'No Turn On Red' signs are installed at the intersection. Allowing turns on red results in deaths and injuries as well as cars blocking crosswalks and people crossing the street feeling stressed. This is a safety issue that makes it dangerous, scary, and stressful to cross the street, especially for families, seniors, and people living with disabilities. This is unacceptable, but something can be done to fix it.

Click to sign the petition

Implementing No Turn On Red (NTOR) increases safety for people crossing the street, especially families, seniors, and people living with disabilities. NTOR also makes driving safer and more intuitive for drivers, resulting in less stress and more predictability for people driving. NTOR is proven to increase safety and make crossing easier, safer, and less stressful, including where it's been implemented in San Francisco.

San Francisco can — and should — implement No Turn On Red citywide, and you can help make it a reality. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has the authority to implement NTOR citywide, and the SFMTA Board of Directors can approve NTOR citywide and direct staff to install NTOR signs — required by state law — throughout the city.

Please help increase roadway safety throughout San Francisco by supporting our call to implement No Turn On Red citywide now. It takes a few taps and less than a minute and makes a difference!

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