Eyes on the Street: Green EV Stripe Becomes Green “Bike Lane”


A stenciler was at work in front of San Francisco City Hall recently, painting over the green "showcase" stripe for two plug-in electric vehicles (EV) to reflect what the true green vehicle is: the bike. The bike injunction prevents the city from coloring lanes for bicyclists and this is all we get for now. We do know the MTA is testing green bike lanes at one of its Muni yards, and will probably roll out an experiment sometime after the injunction is lifted. The Presidio Trust, meantime, is conducting a green lane experiment on one of its bike lanes, and Brisbane has installed a blue bike lane on what has become a dangerous stretch of road for cyclists.

Photo: Bryan Goebel

  • Bravo! One more for Urban Repair Squad – http://urbanrepairs.blogspot.com/

  • scottyb

    is this the beginning of Time’s Up SF? http://times-up.org/

  • Not that I’d condone vandalism: for shame you… nameless hero.

    NYC is getting brought up a lot in contrast to San Francisco, I’d be interested in more coverage here of what’s guiding those changes in New York. How do they get around the endless political debates, studies, the differences in state laws that seem to hamper the same kind of progress here and what’s being done about it.

  • Jamison: NYC has more effective advocates and apparently their legal counsel is not more conservative than Mitch McConnell as Dennis Herrera’s team often is.

    Apparently, Herrera is once bit twice shy as applies to bicycle and transit related advice. The political pressure applied by advocates to evade CEQA by declaring a general rule exclusion on the Bike Plan gave the CA the room to shift polarities and replace succumbing to political pressure with a very conservative approach to avoid future exposure.

    Their mayor has also built a business from the ground up rather than relying on gifts of capitalization showered down from the Gettys, and as such has more confidence in his ability to execute than our silver spoon hair gel boy, St. Gavin of the Green Press Release ditherer.

    In my dealings with Deputy City Attorneys, there still lingers residual anger over events that led to the injunction, with some CA’s blaming ALL cyclists for the stupidity of the advocates. There are emails in evidence which lay an e-trail of those advocates who support taking the wrong path, a path which ended up costing 5 years and cyclist injury.