Today’s Headlines

  • The Examiner piece is pure smear, a la… the Examiner. Defying logic and shunning post-3rd grade thinking, the Examiner’s piece cannot bring itself to consider the fact that the bike nuts are actually freeing up space on streets and that the SF bicycle coalition is actually one of the biggest producers of new parking spaces in the city–by making it possible for many to drive less and often to sell their cars, thereby freeing up parking spaces.

  • I work at the corner of 2nd and Harrison, within sight of the Bay Bridge ramps. At least a few times a month, traffic backs up down Harrison all the way to 3rd and sometimes wraps down that street. It also goes down 2nd as far south as the eye can see. Gridlock in the intersection ensues, with cars blocking the box, honking horns, crosswalks completely obstructed. Drivers manage to do this all by themselves, with no help from bicyclists. The lanes mentioned for reconfiguration — northbound 2nd from Harrison to Market and southbound 2nd from Harrison to Townsend — have very little traffic by comparison, and it flows smoothly. The Examiner should take the time to actually stand and watch the intersections it’s writing about before coming up with inflammatory headlines. A giveaway paper can’t even use the excuse that it’s trying to sell papers.

  • CBrinkman

    I heard tell of a brave engineer who stood in a meeting full of MTA people and told them that no matter WHAT they did Downtown EVERY intersection would be at LOS F by 2012. With all the parking being added in new buildings the entire downtown will be gridlocked every rush hour and they should facilitate bike and bus access now. He lived to tell the tale. Did it sink it? Will the MTA heed the words of the wise engineer? Tune in next week.