Eyes on the Street: Week in Review

_bikes_smallAs one of the commenters on Flickr pointed out, I love the juxtaposition of the blue cab in the background and the blue frame of the bike. Also love the purple rims and purple shirt. Flickr photo: exuberance//

Thanks to all of you wonderful photographers who tag your photos and videos in our Flickr pool. Because you rock so hard, we wanted to highlight your work in a weekly Eyes on the Street feature. Be sure to send us more and we might see you on the blog!

hula_crazy_small.jpgHit and Run Hula doing their thing at the 17th Street and Market Plaza. Flickr photo: Steve Rhodes
hula_crazy_2_small.jpgFlickr photo: Steve Rhodes

_woman_in_red_smallFlickr photo: kempo101
old_timey_Market_small.jpg"This is a picture of my Grandfather Stanley L. Jensen (left) and Great Uncle Al (right) in downtown San Francisco back in 1942. The photo was taken on Market Street, between 6th Street and the intersection where Mason and Turk Streets meet. You can see the historic Esquire Theatre in the background." More of the great story and the photo by Travis Jensen here.
melli.jpgFlickr photo: meligrosa
racks-at-science_1.jpgBeautiful new bike racks at the Academy of Sciences. Ah, dang, Rob, couldn’t stop these from going in huh? Look at the bike fanatics in this shot! Flickr photo: busbozo


Eyes on the Street: Week in Review

"1972 November 4. (More than 36 years later … car 1 is part of San Francisco’s historic tramcar fleet. It is now 98 years old (!), and will certainly play a "star" role in the "Muni" 100th anniversary celebration on 2012 December 28.)" Flickr photo: Leroy W. Demery, Jr. Thanks to all of you wonderful […]

Eyes on the Street: Golden Gate Velo

Photo: meligrosa Thanks to all of you for contributing these wonderful photos to our Flickr pool. We hope you’ll continue to upload scenes from our streets so we can showcase your good work. Also, we’ll be taking Monday off in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and will see you back on Tuesday. Don’t […]