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  • A great video posted today on titled “Designing Streets as Public Spaces in Northern Climate Cities.”

    It is a presentation (in English) by the Danish architecture/urban planning firm, Gehl Architects. It portrays how public space designed with people as the priority rather than cars can create a more vibrant and lively urban fabric and a happier populace. There are interesting examples of how wind and weather can be managed, and in the last third of the presentation there is good detail of how to generate a year-round bicycling culture even in a Nordic climate. (If you’ve ever doubted whether people can possibly bicycle in the winter, watch this video!)

    The story seems to be a uniform one: people resist having parking taken away, then begin to really enjoy the improvement to their quality of life and wonder why someone didn’t do this before.

    New York hired Gehl Architects and they came up with closing Times Square to traffic. Maybe Gehl would be a good firm to consult about Market Street?

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