SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Learning from Chile

"The recent 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile lasted for 90 seconds and
was felt by 80 percent of the country’s population. What were the
effects of the earthquake on the built environment and the people of
Chile? What does San Francisco have to learn? Join seismic and policy
experts Laurie Johnson, Jack Moehle, Chris Poland
and Bill Siembieda as they share lessons learned from their
recent visits to Chile to study the effect of this massive earthquake."


San Francisco is Sinking!

UN Plaza, Market and 7th, the waters from the subterranean "Mighty Hayes River"!! Famously, we live on a crack in the earth. The San Andreas Fault gets most of our attention, followed not too far behind these days by the equally ominous Hayward Fault. A major earthquake on either of these could alter local landscapes […]