Today’s Headlines

  • In Wake of Operator Vote, Muni Cuts Won’t Be Rolled Back This Year (SF Examiner, City Insider, KCBS)
  • AC Transit Asks for $15 Million in Concessions from Its Operators (Bay Citizen)
  • ABC7 Reports on Thieves Who are Running Shell Games on Some Muni Buses
  • Mayor Newsom to Unveil Sit/Lie Ballot Measure Before Board of Supes (SF Examiner, The Snitch)
  • Ohio Tourists Killed in Fiery Taxi Crash; Brakes Reportedly Failed (ABC7, SF Gate, SF Examiner)
  • The Examiner Reports on Buffered Bike Lane Pilot Coming to Golden Gate Park
  • New Larkspur Bridge Will Allow Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Over Sir
    Francis Drake Blvd. (Marin IJ)
  • Study: SB375 Will Accommodate Growth That is "Environmentally and Economically Sound" (LAT)
  • Measure to Raise Vehicle Fees for Transit Projects in Sonoma County Ok’d for Ballot (Press Democrat
  • Santa Rosa Students Get Lesson on How to Ride Their Public Transit System (Santa Rosa City Bus
  • Republicans Attack Safe Routes to Schools Program as "Wasteful Spending" (Bike Portland)
  • Who Will Pay for the Gulf
    ? Not Consumers of Gasoline (WaPo)
  • Two Decades After Valdez, Feds and Drillers Completely
    Unprepared for Next Big Spill (NYT)
  • The Washington Post…? Um, wow. But how many people will read that and actually have it sink in? Unless gas is $1/gal, most people will think it is too expensive so might as well be $5 or $7 or $10.

  • Moley


    Actually everyone pays for the spill.

    BP stock has halved since the spill and that affects almost anyone with a pension fund, IRA, or mutual fund.

    Also the price of oil has been rising as this has gotten worse, due to worries about future regulations, future additional costs, and so on. Anything that makes oil harder and pricier to extract will push up the price.

    And we all pay for the cost of gas, even those who don’t drive.

    The only people making money out of this are the hedge funds who are shorting BP.

  • Re: Separated Bike Lanes in Golden Gate Park


    Just what I’ve envisioned for so long!

    Cannot be more happy to hear: “The SFMTA said it would construct more parking-buffered bikeways if the pilot project is successful.” Of course it’ll be!

  • Moley, moley, moley. Kinda fun to say as I say it often shaking my head.

  • Great news on the buffered lanes in GGP! These are the logical places to start, where there are few cross streets and so no visibility issues that require extra engineering to mitigate. Hopefully this will be implemented quickly and begin spreading across the city!

    @Moley In practice, yes, most Americans probably have a US large cap fund or index fund that holds BP, but that was a choice that they made. No one is forced to own BP and no one is forced to buy gasoline. True you have almost no alternative than to buy produce, manufactured goods, etc. that relied on oil for its production and transportation unless you adopt a radical lifestyle, but an true oil cost would incentivize everyone to at least buy goods that minimized oil use in their production and transportation

    When we talk about the true cost of oil, we’re really just talking about removing price distortions. Extracting, transporting and burning oil costs what it costs no matter who pays for it. The issue right now is that a good portion of that cost is paid for not by the oil consumer but by government subsidies and protections, other people’s health insurance, military funding, etc. By forcing all these other people to pay for a portion of every gallon, every individual has less of an incentive to consume less themselves, which means no one is making good decisions on how much to consume.

  • I am very, very happy to see a buffered bike lane trial. Thank you SFMTA and SF Bicycle Coalition.

    As to gas taxes, I saw an interesting proposal to raise the federal gas tax in this way: starting in six months, raise the tax 3 cents every month for the next five years. This would allow everyone to prepare, would be predictable, and, while not onerous at first, would eventually get hefty. I think the psychological impact of knowing with certainty that gas is going to get expensive would be as valuable as the actual hit on the pocketbook.

    As far as rural counties versus urban and suburban goes, urban and suburban counties should have a substantial additional gas tax that goes towards anti-congestion/anti-pollution measures (i.e. transit and bike infrastructure) while rural areas (where the low population density makes public transit more difficult to put in place) could have a much lower county gas tax, especially if they’re willing to make do with low maintenance gravel surfaces for low traveled roads.

  • Buffered bike lanes are great and all, but there shouldn’t even be that many cars in GGP anyway. We are just conceding the fact that cars are welcome, and they are not.


    Complaining about walls blocking sound for a freeway.

  • Is anybody from Streetsblog going to this conference? The list of speakers sounds like a who’s who of the livable streets movement.

    If someone were to transcribe the plenary speeches and post them somewhere, I’m sure those of us who can’t quite get ourselves to Copenhagen this month would be deeply grateful . . .

  • @mikesonn That is really another blow to mid-Market. It’s incomprehensible that business owners would shut down the one thing that breathes some life into their barren streetscape! They should be pushing to get permanent stone tables installed instead of trying to shut it down.

  • Pretty crazy, huh? Newsom really does have shit for brains.

  • Nick

    Re: the new ParkTrack

    8th to Transverse has too few parked cars to accurately judge the projects effectiveness and therefore it’s appropriateness in other neighborhoods. The only time that area is full is on Saturdays (which are now car-free).

  • Moley


    Yeah, it’s a great shame if those chess players get moved. They’re always colorful and entertaining. Maybe there is a square or parklet they could play, like Washington Square Park in NYC.

    But, by the way, you know they are gambling, right? It’s $2 for every game you lose. If you win, it’s free.

  • Newsom has been gambling with this city for years and no one has kicked his ass to the curb.

  • taomom –

    Leah Shahum from the SFBC will be reporting from Velo-City for Streetsblog. I will be in Copenhagen too, but unfortunately not able to get in to the conference (it’s really expensive!). Bryan Goebel was looking at going but Streetsblog’s funds are a bit short right now..

  • Aaron,

    Thanks for the info. Lucky Leah! Maybe you can get someone to let you listen by the door or something. (The conference should do overflow rooms with audiovisual feeds for a cut rate. Heck, they should stream the plenary speeches live on the internet!)