SPUR Lunchtime Forum: The European way

"The European Union has become the largest, wealthiest trading bloc in
the world — nearly as large as the U.S. and China combined — all while
providing an exceptional quality of life to its citizens and maintaining
a per capita carbon footprint half that of the United States. How do
they do it? Join author Steven Hill as he gives us the answers
from his new book Europe’s Promise: Why the European Way is the Best
Hope in an Insecure Age



Retired Fire Chief: Make American Firetrucks Fit City Streets, Not Vice Versa

It’s a sad irony that fire departments, while essential to public safety, are often a major obstacle to safer streets in American cities. When cities try to redesign streets to reduce traffic injuries and get drivers to travel at safer speeds, the local fire department often steps in to prevent changes that it believes will hinder the movement of its enormous trucks. Fire departments […]

Beyond Bus v. Rail: A Nuanced Approach to Evaluating Transit

Class A Exclusive right-of-way and separated from cross traffic Class B Exclusive right-of-way, NOT separated from cross traffic. Class C Mixed with traffic, including mixed with pedestrians. Rail Most rail rapid transit, using “third rail” power sources. Most classic “subway” and “metro” systems. Most “light rail” in surface operations. Parts of some European and Australian […]

As Geithner Touts Infrastructure, Skepticism Persists on $4B ‘I-Fund’ Plan

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, considered a skeptic of transportation stimulus spending by some lawmakers, yesterday joined two other White House economic advisers in endorsing new infrastructure investment as a means to jump-start the economy. Geithner (l.) said that there is "a very good economic case" for infrastructure spending. (Photo: WaPo) But the president’s proposed $4 […]