Eyes on the Street: Noe Valley Parklet Installation Begins

Installation of the track that the builder will use to attach the pavers. Photos: Matthew Roth
Installation of the track that the builder will use to attach the pavers. Photos: Matthew Roth

Construction of the two newest parklets in San Francisco began today with the installation of a sidewalk extension on 24th Street between Sanchez Street and Vicksburg Street, with another to follow shortly on 24th near Noe Street.

The new spaces were designed by Riyad Ghannam, who designed and built the first parklet in the city in front of the Mojo Bicycle Cafe on Divisadero street. The parklets will replace a total of four parking spaces and cost $37,000, the entirety of which came from Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development as part of their commercial revitalization budget. The Noe Valley Association, which represents merchants in the area, is the permit holder and will oversee the maintenance of the facilities.

Learning from the Mojo parklet, the Planning Department’s Andres Power said they will be using pre-cast concrete pavers for the decking surface and steel planters, instead of wood and fiberglass at Mojo.

Referring to the public outreach process in Noe Valley, where a vociferous group opposed closing Noe Street to create a trial plaza, Power struck a diplomatic tone and said the parklets provided some of the public space amenities without the controversy. “It was definitely a challenging public outreach process in Noe Valley. The vast majority of people who participated in the process came to consensus that there was a desire for public amenities,” said Power. “We wanted to be building community, not dividing people.”

Though Power was kind in his characterization of the process, the anti-plaza crowd got downright vicious, as demonstrated in this near Tea-Party reaction to proposals to close a street. What doesn’t appear on the video is the after effect, where several in the audience infected with The Rage charged the stage trying to bite Andres, which led to a full-scale quarantine of Noe Valley for a week.

We jest. To Streetsblog’s knowledge, there were no flesh-eating septuagenarians at the meeting. If only we could get this kind of fervor around a transit assessment district to raise money for Muni!

H/T – Jeff Wood

  • Wow, that video is something- had read about the scene/vibe, but hadn’t seen it before. Wish there was a view in the opposite direction!

    More broadly, thanks for the update/photos on these parklets. This is the kind of thing I love this site for- just knowing when improvements like this are happening and seeing pics is great.

  • Anonymous

    Democracy really sucks sometimes. I’m sorry for the Planning staff who had to endure that level of verbal abuse. Nice work on the new Parklet, Planning staff!

  • Sarah

    Dear Andres,

    I’m sorry some people suck. You’re a rock star.


  • John R.

    I think the Noe St. closure opponents, who argued that nobody wants to sit around in the street at silly little tables, should be banned from all Noe Valley Parklets forever

  • Actually John R., they’ll sit in them and then wonder why they ever opposed closing the street down.

  • anonymoose

    Looking great! Can’t wait to make a trip out there to check them out.

    mikesonn – You’re assuming that they’re capable of admitting that they could have been wrong. That’s a big leap.

  • They’ll sit in them all the time, say how nice they are but that we shouldn’t allow kids or strollers or dogs in them.

  • cr

    Stoked. Thanks, Planning!

  • Why the change from wood? The wood looked much nicer

  • @jass,
    apparently the concrete will be more durable. They are hoping to not have to retouch things or repair them too soon.

  • patrick carroll

    “Democracy really sucks sometimes” Yes, authoritarianism is sooo much simpler.


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