Advocates, Supervisors Prepare for Two City Hall Hearings on Ped Safety

Supervisor Kim, on the right, with WalkSF's Elizabeth Stampe and Michael Radetsky, on their way to City Hall on Walk to Work Day. The weather was gorgeous for walking today. Photo: Manish Champsee

You may not have known it, but today is National Walk to Work Day, and pedestrian advocates from Walk San Francisco marked the occasion by walking to work with Supervisor Jane Kim and reminding residents about two important City Hall hearings coming up on pedestrian safety.

Kim will hold a hearing on pedestrian safety at a Public Safety Committee meeting next Thursday, April 7 at 10:30 am in City Hall, Room 250. The following Monday, April 11 at 10 am, D1 Supervisor Eric Mar will hold another hearing to address citywide pedestrian issues.

“Walk SF will be calling for safe-speed school zones, a Pedestrian Action Plan with clear commitments, more funding for street improvements, and police enforcement of laws that protect pedestrians,” the organization said in its newsletter.

Kim, whose District 6 includes the Tenderloin and SoMa — which has the highest rates of pedestrian injuries and fatalities (see graph below the break) — has made pedestrian safety a top priority.

“When she looked at the public safety issues in her her district, she found that injuries to pedestrians was the biggest issue that affected all her constituents,” said Elizabeth Stampe, Walk SF Executive Director. “They found that a lot of people knew people who’d been hit by cars, especially kids.”

As we’ve written on Streetsblog, there is growing momentum around pedestrian safety in San Francisco. A task force is currently developing a Pedestrian Action Plan to meet the goals of an executive directive issued by the Mayor’s Office late last year, which calls for reducing serious and fatal pedestrian injuries 25 percent by 2016, and 50 percent by 2021.

Image: Walk SF
  • Mark D.

    This kind of puts to shame the notion that people riding bicycles are the biggest threat to the safety of people walking. That being said we all need to look out for the most vulnerable street user, no matter what mode of transportation we are using.

  • PaulSupawanich

    The pedestrian hearing on April 11th will be a presentation of the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee’s annual report to the Board of Supervisors – which is a citizen’s perspective on pedestrian safety and preliminary recommendations. A copy of that report can be found here:

  • Anonymous

    Love that chart for the stark message it sends about the negligence of the SFMTA in regards to pedestrian safety in District 6.

  • guest

    I am actually coming back to San Francisco next month for a legal meeting I have against a cab company. The driver was negligent by driving 45 mph in a 10 mph zone during rush hour at Powell and Market streets striking me down. It took me almost 1 year to get back on my feet and I am still dealing with issues from this incident. The police never cited the driver because he was cooperative. So I guess that means if we drive around drunk and we get pulled over, if we are at least cooperative we may never get cited, huh?


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