SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting


Of note:

CC. RESCIND – BICYCLE LANE – Ocean Avenue, eastbound, from Lee Avenue to Geneva Ave.

11.  Approving making Hayes Street a two-way street between Van Ness Avenue and Gough Street and making Fell Street a two-way street between Van Ness Avenue and Franklin Street and approving the associated parking and traffic changes, making findings that the Final Environmental Impact Report is adequate for its use as the decision-making body for approving parking and traffic changes, and adopting and incorporating by reference Planning Commission Motion No. 17407.  (Explanatory documents include a staff report and resolution.)  (Bond Yee)

15. Endorsing the San Francisco Better Streets Plan to guide staff in all decisions regarding the planning, design, use, and management of streets, consistent with all applicable local, state and federal statutes and regulations. (Explanatory documents include a staff report, resolution, exec. summary and plan.) (Bond Yee)


Geary BRT Plan Watered Down to Appease Parking-Obsessed Merchants

Update: This plan may not be “watered down” after all. See our follow-up report here. Planners are touting a new proposed configuration for Geary Bus Rapid Transit that would forgo bus passing lanes in order to preserve car parking to appease merchants. Separated, center-median bus lanes would be retained, and project backers hope the changes […]

Options for Geary BRT Come Into Focus

Just after San Francisco approved a preferred design for its first Bus Rapid Transit route on Van Ness Avenue, the SF County Transportation Authority showcased the latest conceptual proposals for a companion BRT project on Geary Boulevard. Geary BRT, which has been fraught with delays over the years, is expected to bring relief to riders on Muni’s […]

Parking-First “Save Polk Street” Crowd Attacks Van Ness BRT

“Save Polk Street” has aimed its parking-first agenda at Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit. A couple dozen speakers protested the project an SFMTA hearing last week, distributing fearmongering flyers [PDF] claiming that removing some parking and banning left turns would “kill small businesses,” back up car traffic, and make the street more dangerous. The long-delayed Van Ness […]

What’s the Best Design for Van Ness BRT?

After years of delay, the 2016 target date for the Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit project seems more tangible than ever. The San Francisco County Transportation Authority recently released its draft environmental impact report and will select one of several proposed design alternatives in the spring. The SFCTA is asking for public input on the different […]

Gateway or Boulevard? SFMTA Narrows Options for Fixing Masonic Avenue

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) options for fixing Masonic Avenue, a major north-south traffic sewer that was the scene of the city’s first and only bicycle fatality this year, have been narrowed to two designs. While each option would calm auto traffic in slightly different ways and offer different amenities for bicyclists, both […]