This Week in Livable Streets Events

This week, speak up for safe bike lanes on eastern Cesar Chavez, join the zombie horde at the East Bay Bike Party, and enjoy SPUR’s transformation of UN Plaza. Here are the highlights from the Streetsblog calendar:
  • Tuesday: Parkwide Bike Concession Launch. Mayor Ed Lee and SF Bike Coalition Executive Director Leah Shahum will join the Recreation and Parks Department in the announcement of its new “Parkwide” bike rental system aimed at “getting more people biking around parks and neighborhoods across San Francisco.” 10 am.
  • Wednesday: Active San Mateo County Conference.”Hosted by the Office of County Supervisor Carole Groom, this conference will identify and discuss new strategies, techniques, and programs to make our public places desirable destinations that promote healthy living. Attend workshops exploring the connections between urban planning, public health, and recreation.” 8:30 am.
  • Thursday: District 10 walking tour with Sup. Malia Cohen. SPUR hosts this “walking tour of District 10 landmarks in the Portola along San Bruno Avenue. Supervisor Cohen will take us to some of her favorite spots, but with only one hour, we won’t see it all. Grab your walking shoes!” 3 pm.
  • Friday: SFMTA Engineering Hearing. On the agenda is the removal of some car parking to make way for buffered bike lanes on eastern Cesar Chavez, where the city dropped a bike lane plan earlier this summer. Also on the agenda are bike corrals, a bulb-out at Fell/Franklin, dozens of intersection daylightings, traffic calming in the Richmond, new SFPark meters, bike lanes on southern San Jose Avenue, and more. Come out to speak or send an email to the commissioners to show your support. 10 am.
  • Friday: East Bay Bike Party: Zombie Homecoming. “Whether you’ll be dressed to run from, run with, or hunt down the zombie horde, we want you to join us and head north into less-traveled territory – El Cerrito and Richmond. You can count on music, fun, two party stops and the ride of your (undead) life!” 7:30 pm.
  • Saturday: Reclaim Market Street! Plaza Intervention. SPUR’s Reclaim Market Street! exhibition continues with temporary transformation of UN Plaza “into a free play space for children, parents and friends” to explore how plazas can “be made more dynamic by serving different age groups and interests over the course of a day. By day, it will feature the Imagination Playground kit by David Rockwell. By night, this space will host a free public screening” of historical films of Market Street. 1 pm, screenings at 7 pm.
  • Sunday: Shaping San Francisco Bicycle History Tour: Ecological History (South). “This trip through San Francisco’s lost sand dunes, ponds, creeks and coastline will focus on the city south of downtown and SOMA, traversing the Mission, Mission Bay, Potrero Hill, Bayview, and the southeast coastline, including several new public parks.” 12 pm.
Keep an eye on the calendar for updated listings. Got an event we should know about? Drop us a line.


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This Week in Livable Streets Events

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