Want a Protected Bike Lane on Polk Street? Let the SFBC Know

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is asking members what kind of improvements they’d like to see to enhance safety and the public realm on Polk Street.

Image via ##http://www.sfbike.org/?polk##SFBC##

The SFBC writes in its newsletter this week that it “is building off the SFMTA’s ThinkBike event in 2011, and developing concepts for an improved Polk Street.” The organization’s new survey asks members to weigh in on ideas like the vision for a protected bikeway in its Connecting the City campaign.

Polk, a key commercial corridor and connection to the waterfront, has received more attention lately as the city eyes improving bike access to the America’s Cup yacht races, which will be held over the next two summers. One much-needed improvement is a northbound contra-flow bike lane connecting to Market Street. Currently, the southernmost block between Market and Grove Street only permits one-way traffic.

“Polk Street connects thousands of San Franciscans to work, school, the waterfront and thriving commercial corridors from Market Street to the Bay,” writes the SFBC, noting that “a separated bikeway, calmed traffic and improved intersections” on the street would make it safer “for the large numbers of people walking and biking to the local businesses, shops and restaurants.”

  • X x

    put both directions of bicycle traffic together on one side of the road like it’s done in Montreal.

  • Xx

    here’s a picture

  • Anonymous

    Or don’t as it is done in Copenhagen.

  • Anonymous

    um, yes please. 🙂

    i’d prefer a cycletrack on Van Ness, sinnce it’s less passable than Polk, and it’s a more direct corridor to get to various parts of the city.

  • So we can have Fell/Masonic type interactions* at one block intervals, sounds like a recipe for a lot of cyclists blood being spilled.  (One of the top ten most dangerous intersections in the city)

  • Polk doesn’t have the same 4-lane expressway feel that Fell does. Cities around the world use bidirectional bikeways – we just have to get used to them and design them correctly. A calmer traffic-lite Polk St, maybe with special signalization, could work beautifully. Putting both directions of the bikeway on one side could also free up a bit more space for retaining more loading zones and short-term car parking.

  • kg

    Getting to Polk northbound from Market is downright sketchy. I’ll generally use Larkin, which requires a number of lane changes to make a left on McAllister, where people are doing anything but watching for cyclists. Maybe there’s a better way, but it probably doesn’t involve bike lanes.

  • Shmoozilla2000

     Great idea. A cycletrack will fit perfectly with BRT.

  • Terry

    Please, no more separated bike lanes like the one in Golden Gate Park. As a cyclist of 43 years the dangers of this type of separated lane cannot be ignored. More than separate lanes, what we really need are streets with decent pavement.


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