Today’s Headlines

  • SF’s State of Transit: Muni Not Making Much Headway on Strategic Plan Goals (SF Exam)
  • Smartphone Hack Allows Free Muni Rides (SFGatePeople Behaving Badly)
  • Better Market Street to Showcase Concepts at Pop-Up Displays Along the Corridor Friday (SFGate)
  • SF Prepares for Critical Mass’ 20th Anniversary on Friday (KRONABC, HuffPo)
  • Ride a Bike: 43 Masonic Drivers Aren’t Negotiating With Bikes Well at CCSF
  • More Scenes from Last Friday’s Park(ing) Day (Mission LocalRichmond SF)
  • Ocean Beach Bulletin Op-Ed: Proposed RV Parking Restrictions Unfairly Target Homeless
  • Greater Marin Offers Improved Visual of GG Transit Bus Service on Highway 101
  • Gov. Brown Vetos Assemblywoman Fiona Ma’s Anti-Carpool Lane Bill (SacBee)
  • Debunks All That “No Bike Lanes Until Cyclists Behave” Nonsense

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