Today’s Headlines

  • Gov. Brown Vetoes 3-Foot Bike Passing Bill — Again (CalBike, PressDemCyclelicious)
  • BART Releases Bike Pilot Survey Results — Opinions Mixed, But Promising (SFGateSFExam)
  • Gov. Brown Signs AB 2245, Granting CEQA Exemptions for Bike Lanes (Cyclelicious)
  • Coverage of Critical Mass’ 20th (ABC, CBSSFGateHuffPo, KTVU, Mission Local)
  • Is SFBC Keeping Its Distance From Critical Mass? (SFBG)
  • Gov. Brown Vetoes Fine Increase for Using Cell Phones While Driving (PressDem)
  • Novato Residents Mourn Death of Girl Killed While Biking on High-Speed Road (KTVU, KRON)
  • SFGate‘s John King Turns the Spotlight on the Second Street Improvement Project
  • After Repaving, Muni 14 and 49 Return to Mission St. With New Bus Bulb-Out at 24th (Mission Local)
  • “Pushing Helmets Really Kills Cycling and Bike-Sharing in Particular” (NYT)
  • Fremont’s Mission Blvd. Getting Road Widening With Rail Separation, Bike Lanes (KRON)
  • Caltrain, ACE and VTA to Boost Service on October 1 (Merc)
  • New San Jose Railroad Pedestrian Bridge Honors Toddler Killed By Amtrak Train (CBS)
  • Oakland SUV/Truck Crash at 14th and Franklin Streets Injures Six (KTVU)

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  • Mario Tanev

    I am happy that the 14 and 49 have returned to Mission St. It’s so much more colorful and lively and closer to where I want to go. However, it does seem that the bus is slower. Muni should go back to the Van Ness stop spacing (every 2 blocks). The other problem is the constant parking turnover, and right-turns preventing Muni from moving. I know in the Muni Rapid TEP, they’re considering creating special right-turn pockets and giving one lane to Muni. It really needs to happen.

  • Mario Tanev

    A good thing about the Mission St change is that they’ve now installed 2 shelters on each side at the 24th stop. That’s a step in the right direction. I look at the new platforms and Church and Duboce that are so long and have just one skimpy shelter without any seats and I feel like Muni doesn’t really respect its riders. The fact that they haven’t even designed a larger shelter (so that they don’t have to put 2) is another indication. But the change at Mission and 24th is a step in the right direction.

  • SteveS

    Is there a reason they didn’t also install bus bulbs at 20th & Mission during the work? You’d think it should just be a standard policy to put in a bulb at any rapid network stops that don’t already have one whenever repaving is done.

  • Anonymous

    I call BS on helmet-pushing killing cycling. Please see: Seattle, Washington and Vancouver British Columbia.

  • Richard Mlynarik

    North American Special Olympics.