Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA: Fell and Oak Bike/Ped Project Won’t Be Finished Until End of the Year (SF Examiner)
  • Survey: Wider Sidewalks and Other Improvements on Castro Supported by 93 Percent of Respondents
  • Five Caltrain Crossings to Get Longer Gate-Down Times to Reduce Crashes (SF Examiner)
  • Richmond SF: Some Drivers on JFK Park Incorrectly, So “Clearly These Bike Lanes Are Not Working”
  • The Four Tools David Chiu Carries to Get Around San Francisco Without Owning a Car
  • Why One Polk Neighbor Wants a Safer Street for Biking and Walking (SFBC)
  • Noe Valley‘s Vision for Town Square Instead of a Parking Lot Looks “Extremely Likely” to Be Realized
  • SamTrans Schedules Now Available on Google Maps (Cyclelicious)
  • Ammiano’s Assembly Bill Would Make Distracted Driving Easier to Prosecute in Crashes (HuffPo)
  • Cost to Fix Faulty Bay Bridge Bolts Estimated at $1 Million (KTVU)
  • How Mountain View is Providing Incentives to Reduce Driving in Its Development Plans (Pen, Transpo)

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  • Absolutely pathetic SFMTA. It’s complicated to restripe, change signs, and move meters for three blocks?! We don’t want those stupid soft-hit posts, we want the concrete islands promised in the plan.

    When detours were necessary for the Central Subway, including adding new overhead trolley wires, there was no delay. What’s going on here?

  • mikesonn

    This is just complete incompetence and failure by our city leaders. 20% by 2020? Laughable. “Transit first”? Laughable. The problem is, the next batch of politicians will talk a good game as well but then fail to deliver just like this current batch and the batch before them. At least they are all getting nice trips to Europe and China on our dime, must be nice.

  • Regarding Ammiano’s AB 1194: The distracted driving acknowledgement is good, but before he amended the bill last month it would have requirement inclusion of bicycle questions in the DMV drivers’ license test. We have those questions in the test now, but that’s because of DMV policy, not state law.

  • Peter M

    There are always tons of comments on the Richmond SF blog about how dangerous it is for people to walk across the bike lanes between cars and the sidewalk, but has ANYONE been hit by a bike since the new lanes were put in?

  • gneiss

    What a crock.

    The only parking meters (and there are 3) in this project area are in front of the paint store for a loading zone. This project is no more labor intensive than any other that requires putting down paint and changing signage. And arguably this stretch is more important than the Fell bikeway changes given that there currently is no protection on those blocks. They managed perfectly well to change signs on Fell to “No Parking” and lay down paint within weeks of the unanimous approval from the Transportation board.

    This smells. Like someone is holding up this project for political reasons or there has been a threat of a lawsuit if the city proceeds with it’s plan.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I don’t get it either, there’s so much room for everyone except speeding traffic (which has slowed down). a win for everyone in my book and it’s nice to see more kids and families riding.

    I ride through the park weekly and haven’t had a single problem other than seeing a cyclist hit on the part of JFK where there are NO protected bike lanes. It really drove home how much the old layout put cyclists at risk.

  • mikesonn

    I think people are finally forced to see how cluttered a bunch of parked cars make the park look and they don’t like the unsettling feeling it gives them.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree. Lotsa comments about how it ruins the view too, well, then let’s get rid of those ugly cars then! Is there any committee or group pushing for car-free JFK or GGP? I know there’s a lot of entrenched interests that like cars in the park, but it might be useful pushback to the JFK complaints. If they don’t like the current set up, then how about we just get rid of the cars.