SFMTA Aiming to Install Oak Bike Lane By Bike to Work Day

The SFMTA laid down preliminary markings for the Oak Street protected bike lane yesterday, and says it aims to have it ready by Bike to Work Day next Thursday. Photo: Aaron Bialick
Crews erected the bicycle counter on Market Street earlier this week. Photo: SFMTA

The SFMTA expects to have the protected bike lane on Oak Street and the Market Street bicycle counter ready on Bike to Work Day — next Thursday, May 9 — according to agency staff.

As we reported Wednesday, construction on the three-block Oak bike lane has been held up by renovation work at the Kelly-Moore paint shop. However, the agency apparently found a way to work around it, and yesterday laid down the first markings for the bike lane buffer zone on Oak between Baker and Broderick Streets. “Crews are trying to get the work completed by Bike to Work Day,” said Ben Jose, public information officer for the agency’s Livable Streets subdivision. “But at this point we are not certain that given all the work to be done, it will be totally completed.”

Meanwhile, the bicycle counter has been erected on Market between Ninth and Tenth Streets, and is being calibrated. SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose said it will start counting bicycle traffic at its official unveiling on Bike to Work Day.

  • The SFMTA and the mayor have zero credibility on this issue at the moment. Wasn’t it last year they were planning to finish this by BtWD?


  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait! I already made two bike-route maps for friends who live in the west side for bike to work day, I may have to update them as I had previously routed them to hayes. Let’s hope so!

  • Ryan Brady

    SFMTA apparently has a worse work ethic than I do.

  • guest

    Unfortunately you haven’t seen how much public “comment” is required and how many public meetings projects go through. And even with all that said and done and environmental reviews complete, individual people can delay projects! Simple projects like these would likely be done sooner if technicalities and certain individuals didn’t hold things up. And if the city didn’t get sued for making changes to the city! One wrong step or even not, the city can be sued and projects put on hold for months or years!

  • justin

    Just rode by, looks like today, Sunday 5/5 will be the last day of parking on the south side of Oak between Baker and Divisadero (yay). The big white line on the outside of the buffer zone is painted and the traffic lanes shifted, but nothing else. There appear to be no preparations or parking restriction signs east of Divisadero.

    Why they cannot extend the bikeway all the way to Stanyan I cannot comprehend. There are 4 (!) lanes of traffic on Fell and Oak along the panhandle, and the path in there is totally overcrowded. I feel sorry for all the people walking on it with all the biking screaming by.


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