Muni to Test Double-Train Loading in Metro Stations This July

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Muni will test out a method to improve metro operations this July, letting two trains load passengers on the same platform simultaneously, according to SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose.

Few details on the test run are available, but Muni officials have discussed making the change for several years as a way to reduce back-ups in the subway underneath Market Street. Currently, multiple trains often sit at the same platform, but only the one at the front can load. Transit officials have said that allowing two trains to load, one behind the other — also known as “double berthing” — would require changes to the Muni Metro’s automatic train control system, new training for rail operators, and an upgraded digital sign and announcement system.

Mario Tanev of the SF Transit Riders Union said the organization hasn’t taken an official position on the change, but that it supports Muni’s efforts to try out new solutions to improve service. “Congestion in the subway is a serious problem,” he said. “There needs to be solutions.”


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