SFMTA Polk Street Project Open House


After reviewing all of the public feedback from the community meetings and surveys, analyzing the technical feasibility of each option, and considering how best to balance the project goals, we will finalize a recommendation for how to improve the safety and comfort of Polk Street.

  • Greg

    The plan shown last night really doesn’t seem like an improvement for anyone. The way it is now works OK north of California and it should just be left alone (except the road repaved). How is this new plan going to work with delivery trucks, taxis, etc. in real life – none of those are on the drawings?

    What a waste of time and money this all is. But that is what The City does best.

  • mikesonn

    Your ilk watered it down, but at least you can still park your car!

  • Anonymous

    How is this new plan going to work with delivery trucks, taxis, etc. in real life – none of those are on the drawings?

    Easily. After the bike lanes go in, the businesses will all fail, and we won’t need any deliveries or taxis. QED.

  • Greg

    Indeed my “ilk” – the actual residents of the impacted ‘hood and the 97% of SF residents that don’t favor biking infrastructure to the detriment of walkers, Muni riders and drivers – should have kept quite and not expressed our opinion.

  • Ryan Brady

    oh bloo hoo hoo


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