Today’s Headlines

  • Parks Truck Driver to Face Felony Charges for Running Over Woman (BernalwoodSFGateAppeal)
  • ABC 7 Reveals Video Footage of Amelie Le Moullac’s Crash
  • SFMTA Brings Back Embarcadero Protected Bikeway for a Week During America’s Cup (Cyclelicious)
  • “Play Streets” Brings Some Car-Free Space to the Excelsior for a Day (SFGate)
  • Bay Area Bike Share Proving Popular (KTVU); KQED Forum Discusses
  • Stolen Bike-Share Bike “Concealed” With T.P. (SFist); Stanley Roberts Observes Stationary Uses
  • More on the Bay Bridge Path Opening (Oakland North, SF Weekly, Stanley); How to Reach it (KQED)
  • New Geary BRT Option Gets Coverage in the Richmond Review
  • If Only All San Franciscans Were as Excited About Muni as This Four-Year-Old (SFGate)
  • Crash Between Private Shuttle and Muni Streetcar: SF Weekly Calls it an “Allegory for Gentrification”
  • Report: Stanford Has Avoided $100M in Parking Construction by Reducing Parking Demand (PTA)
  • Gov. Brown Cuts Transit Pension Deal (SacBee), Cements HSR/Caltrain Track Plans (Daily, Almanac)

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  • timsmith

    Money quote from the ABC story on Amelie Le Moullac’s death:

    “Sources tell the I-Team there is tension between the investigators on the case who are having a hard time concluding the truck driver was at fault and higher-ups who are feeling the pressure to file charges, from people like the bicycle coalition.”

  • justin

    Interesting how all the SFMTA materials I’ve seen refer to the Embarcadero cycle track as a “Lane Closure.” The map linked from ( is called “Recommended Alternate Routes,” where car routes are bright green and the bike route is bright red. Freeways and arterials are shown instead of other bike routes connecting to the cycle track. There are tiny transit and bike/ped maps on their AC page (, but you can’t zoom or download a bigger copy.

    Instead of saying, “Hey bikers, we carved out some temporary space for you to be able to ride safely,” they choose to say “Hey drivers, we know we’re inconveniencing you, so here are some other wide streets for you to drive on.” Shows you the perspective of SFMTA.

  • Sean Rea

    What good was done by releasing footage of Moullac’s crash?

  • mikesonn

    Ratings. Shameful really.

  • mikesonn

    One of the routes is right up through North Beach. Thanks for the extra traffic SFMTA!

  • Sean Rea

    In ABC7 article they say: “The video is just eight seconds long, but ABC7 News has elected not to show it all out of respect for the family. But it only takes a few seconds to understand why the video had such an impact on the case.” But then they appear to show it in the video linked to the article.

  • gneiss

    The police who gave this to the media should be ashamed of themselves. It is part of an ongoing investigation and should not be put into the public record until after the DA has decided whether or not to prosecute the truck driver. It is highly prejudicial to do some otherwise.

    It’s clear they are talking to the media about this because of sour grapes over how they are being perceived on their initial conclusions (before the video evidence was brought to their attention) and the lack of attention to detail in finding the video in the first place.

    It also shows how badly biased the police investigators are that they don’t believe motorists should gauge the speed of cyclists in bike lanes and slow *before* an intersection to execute a turn behind them rather than forcing cyclists to give way at the intersections after they’ve been passed.

  • Anonymous

    I’m betting on the Family’s lawyers having done the release.

    If it was the police, why wasn’t the Bucchere video released?

  • I’m not sure why the article text says that, but it appears that they stopped the video short of the graphic images. When I talked with the family’s attorney early on, she said they didn’t want that aspect of the video shown.

  • Sean Rea

    Because SFPD and Gascon weren’t interested in due process for Bucchere?

  • JoeRoot

    There’s a saying in politics: “Never waste a good crisis”

    Given how Amelie’s death is turning into a political circus and trial-by-media, maybe the analogy is “Never waste a bad tragedy”