SFMTA to Ban Cars on Kezar, Stanyan, Haight Street for 4/20 This Sunday

Upper Haight Street, Stanyan Street, and Kezar Drive will be closed to cars for 4/20. Photo: Aaron Bialick

The SFMTA announced that cars will be banned on several major streets for the 4/20 gathering on the east end of Golden Gate Park this Sunday.

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., cars will be banned on Kezar Drive, Stanyan Street between Frederick and Oak Streets, and Haight Street between Masonic Avenue and Stanyan.

Drivers swarming the area for the event — many from out of town and not necessarily in their sharpest state of mind — typically create a traffic mess in and around the eastern park. Illegal parking is rampant, Muni is brought to a halt, and sidewalks fill up. The car closures, the first of their kind for 4/20, could help simplify traffic flow, keep transit moving, and provide ample room for wandering.

Muni buses will be allowed through the pedestrianized streets, the SFMTA said, but “personnel from SFPD and SFMTA will determine to re-route Muni buses as crowds grow. Muni bus re-routes will be expected to begin at approximately 3 p.m.”

Supervisor London Breed and SFPD Chief Greg Suhr also held a press conference Wednesday to tell 4/20 revelers to keep things under control, promising a crackdown on parking violations.

Since 4/20 falls on a Sunday this year, the de facto Sunday Streets network will be complemented by the weekly car closure on John F. Kennedy Drive.

  • KWillets

    “and Haight Street between Masonic Avenue and Stanyan.”


  • So it sounds like they are turning it into a Haight festival rather than a park event? Not that I object.

  • Lee Ross

    That’s Great! There should be 4/20 events more often. Close those streets to cars all the time. I’ll smoke to that!!!

  • Giovanne Valdez

    If my equations are correct, then 4/20 in SF will never be the same.

    Haight Whole Foods H2O station
    + bicycle trailer w/ bin
    = mobile hot tub

    mobile hot tub
    + sexy hot ass weather
    x 4/20
    – Cars
    = History

    I don’t know what else to say… be there or be square?

  • Justin

    4/20 is an event I always look forward to avoid going to, good that they’ll close the streets off to cars, just don’t like the chaos that occurs when that event occurs.

  • For any event in the city where one can anticipate ability to drive safely is going to be *massively* impaired, car use should be severely discouraged by having no free parking available, limited expensive parking, and stringent restrictions on outsiders parking on neighborhood streets. The last thing I want as a resident of San Francisco is to have people who are drunk or high driving AT ALL. If people from the suburbs think they’ll be able to park, they’ll drive. If they think there’s no way/no how they’ll be able to park, they start figuring out BART, Caltrain and Muni. (Notice that whenever Chronicle headlines scream “Carmageddon!” for an event, traffic moves pretty smoothly?)

    No tolerance to event-fueled driver impairment should really include (at the very least) St. Patrick’s Day, any Oktoberfest event, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, most Giant’s games, etc. (I’m sure others could add to the list.) I am in no way just picking on 4/20.

  • NoeValleyJim


  • guest

    the most surprising thing about 4/20 last year which was that these weren’t suburban sf people. no there were crowds of vendors proudly displaying central valley locales and other far away ca places. i didn’t actually stop to talk to anyone to ask why or if that was representative.

  • Oh my god, I know! How will we ever get climate change at this rate?

  • Pretty awesome, will make it safer and encourage arriving by transit, bike or foot. Yeah!

  • Awesome, keep it local!

  • baklazhan

    I don’t know if it was related, but the parking in the bike lane on JFK was ridiculous on Saturday. That is going to need some physical barrier, whether a small curb or a planter or soft hit posts, if it’s going to be successful.

  • ☼ Glad to hear that the Easter Bunny won’t be roadkill this year. The stoned driving was really off the hook last year.

  • thesfmofo

    how can you possibly know that, jim?

  • Cranky

    And reason 100 why we are looking to move out of Cole Valley. You wake up to all these idiots taking over the park and our neighborhood. I have no problem with people doing their own thing, but an invasion of stoners is terrible. Can’t even get out of my own neighborhood.

  • @thesfmofo – Um, I live in the Haight and I saw how they were driving last year. And this year.

  • SF resident

    It took me 1 & 30 min to get home thanks to all the blocked off streets and traffic! 4/20 Sux!

  • coolbabybookworm

    I did see tickets on every improperly parked car though. So at least there’s that.

  • Boo

    i was in the park yesterday and JFK was full of cars…

  • the_greasybear

    I had to bike yesterday through the Panhandle and park to 41st Avenue. Like last year, the 420 event turned the area into a zoo–but unlike last year, there weren’t cars blocking every inch of JFK. It was difficult to maneuver around so many truly clueless pedestrians, but still, the road closures were an improvement over least year.

  • gneiss

    I took this picture of Haight Street looking towards Masonic at around noon on Sunday. Absolute bliss on a bicycle.

  • ¤ While the open streets were nice, the traffic rerouting didn’t go well. Lots of idling overflow onto side streets, and even streets like Shrader were bumper-to-bumper! It’s not clear where the motorists thought they were going.

    At Carl & Cole, the most-used Muni stop on a good day, there was a guy directing traffic who delayed things by favoring the backed-up cars over the hundreds on the N-Judah. There were a bunch of Muni fare inspectors there as well, though their job mainly seemed to be directing people to the second car when the first car was full.

  • Dark Soul

    Speaking of Re-Route not going well . I was on the
    71-Haight/Noriega outbound to Ortega and 48th Ave. The bus driver hit a parked car when turning in one of the reroute streets. (The near Back of the bus hit the back of the car) but he just kept going.. Few others took picture not sure if they did anything with it and i didnt have a phone.

  • JB

    Only the ones not in parking spaces were cited. Those parked at actual spaces but still obstructing the bike lane were not cited from what I saw. Eg parked wholely in the bike lane next to another car in an actual space.

  • rfkolbe

    Car Free City pleases me. Now, just make public transit free.


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