Today’s Headlines

  • C.W. Nevius: Critical Mass Violence Harkens Back to Aggressive Early Days of the 90s (Chronicle)
  • Violent Critical Massers = Most Cyclists to Those Like John Schambre (the Guy at the Wiggle Stop-in)
  • SFMTA Installs Left-Turn Bike Box at Market and Seventh Streets (Hoodline)
  • Ten Market Street Prototyping Festival Installations to Return for a Month on September 27 (Hoodline)
  • Jason Henderson: 5-Fulton Rapid Upgrades Should Have Included Overhead Bypass Wires (Examiner)
  • N-Judah Muni Operator Praised for Stopping Inches From Man on Subway Tracks (SF Examiner)
  • Some Inner Sunset Neighbors Still Want More Parking at Kirkham Heights Development (Hoodline)
  • SFMTA Redesigns Median Island on Great Highway After Drivers Kept Running it Over (Richmond)
  • MTC Study Confirms: Highway 101 Lanes Should Be Converted Into Toll Lanes (TransForm)
  • MTC and ABAG Continue Power Struggle Over Regional Land Use and Transpo Planning (48 Hills)
  • Stanley Roberts Suffers Series of Strokes, Putting “People Behaving Badly” Segments on Hiatus (KRON)
  • Caltrans Needs New Ideas, Will Pay $25,000 for a Good One (SF Weekly, CoCo Times)

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  • murphstahoe

    from user Bonnie on the sf2g mailing list

    Today I was ticketed at Duboce and Waller for slowing down to 5mph,
    looking both ways (no one was present) and rolling through the stop.
    The cop said she was there waiting for cyclists to run the stop sign to
    ticket them. SFBCs website made it seem like Captain Sanford, chief of
    the Park Station had agreed to stop targeting bikes on the wiggle for
    this issue. Well, I spoke with him today and that is completely untrue.
    He claimed that this behavior wasn’t “targeting bikes”, as they would
    pull over cars there if they ran the stop sign (but they are choosing to
    be waiting on a major bike route, not a car route- why not wait on oak
    or fell and wait for drivers to run the red at 40+mph?). He also said
    that their officers would continue to be doing this until they “got
    called away for a shooting or a homicide”

  • mx

    Get well soon Stanley!

  • 94110

    Somehow I can’t get through reading anything about MTC/ABAG without losing interest. Pretty sure they are the best hope we have for a functional Bay Area, but it’s basically impossible to write an interesting article about what they do.

    Also, the Great Highway link is broken. Looks like the correct link is

  • jonobate

    What a ridiculous way to solve that problem. Now it’s just a matter of time before someone driving over the median takes out a pedestrian waiting in the refuge.

    Why not replace the short sign with a taller, sturdier sign? Or maybe even a concrete planter? Something that will protect pedestrians rather than limit the damage to automobiles invading pedestrian space?

  • gneiss

    It is clear from John Schambre’s statement that he is obviously has little interest in street safety, but a lot of vitriol to direct towards ‘cyclists’ as a group. Several of the point he mentions have more to do with streetscape redesigns rather than the safe operation of bicycles. The installation of bike lanes and removal of “precious” auto parking (kind of reminds me of General Jack Ripper) appears to disturbs him as much if not more than whether cyclists adhere to the traffic laws.

    After all, he would like people who ride bikes to need to get a “license” before they operate a bicycle, and wear “rider safety garments”. Maybe we should all be forced to wear vests that have a big “B” printed on them too. That way we can easily be identified from the general public, even when we’re not on our bicycles.

    Captain Sanford should realize that ‘complaints’ that he receives from him and his supporters are nothing more than the rants of some very biased people.

  • jonobate

    Re: the MTC/ABAG fight… it’s important to note that 48 Hills is approaching the issue from an anti-growth perspective, and casts ABAG as the lesser of two evils because they (apparently) support ‘smart growth’ while the MTC (apparently) is in complete thrall to the building industry. I don’t think there is really an ideological divide between the two agencies; the points of disagreement are minor, and it’s more just a pissing contest over who gets to call the shots.

    The real problem is that MTC and ABAG are bodies whose decision makers are either unelected or directly appointed by individual cities or counties. A better approach would be an elected regional government, similar to the Greater London Authority. Under that regional government would be the MTC, ABAG, BATA, BACA, BAAQMD and all the other Bay Area ‘quangos’; and also a regional transit agency running BART, Caltrain, SMART, GGT. You could even make an argument for replacing the county-level governments with a Bay Area regional government, as the Bay Area is too big for counties to deal with issues such as transportation in isolation from each other.

  • Flatlander

    Indeed. I actually stopped reading after I saw that the author was Zelda Bronstein

  • p_chazz

    Bicyclists just don’t seem to realize they have serious problem with their “optics.” and the Critical Mass incident in the Marina last week which assuredly did not serve to make you any friends. Remember, people who do not ride a bike are still in the majority. Think of that before you ride on the sidewalk, in a crosswalk, or across a crosswalk on a red light to get closer to the intersection. People are watching. People are noticing.

  • Rain__or__Shine

    Yeah, good point. All you uppity cyclists need to know your place. Only the good little cyclists will be rewarded with basic rights to public roads.

  • Funny how self-defense is only described as “violence” when the initial offense was committed with a car rather than a knife or gun.

  • Andy Chow

    Transit should be an element for any plans to improve Hwy 101.

  • StrixNoctis .

    Obviously the majority of people are biased against cyclists considering so often when motorists run down cyclists & pedestrians they’re just accepted as common occurrences and aren’t always newsworthy, but when a cyclist breaks a window, the cries for the blood of all cyclists’ in am act of vengeance is heard to the sound of war drums.

  • So the “Testosterone Crew” is still coming to Critical Mass?

    Nice to know some things stay the same.

  • Jeffrey Horenstein

    The “optics” used to scrutinize the behavior of cyclists should be the same optics used to scrutinize the behavior of motor vehicles from moving violations to standing congestion. Both forms of transportation are privileges and not rights. To highlight the misbehavior and wrongdoings of a few cyclists while casting a net over all cyclist is the definition of myopia, since we are on the ocular theme.